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Norwegian tat (cars for sale in Norway)

Dyslexic Viking

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1 hour ago, captain_70s said:

Is there a particular reason for the seemingly huge number of surviving Japanese stuff? In the UK most 70s Jap tin is down to single digit numbers as it rotted away within 10 years.

Were Japanese cars just really common when new?

Yes Japanese cars sold well here early on. And why so many have survived probably has something to do with high sales numbers when new, older generations took care of their things, and we had large areas where the winters were cold and dry and without road salt so cars rusted little in these areas. These areas have decreased in recent years sadly.

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25 minutes ago, hairnet said:

hope your face isnt too bad

Thanks, right now it feels like a medium blow to the face with a frying pan which is an improvement from a big blow frying pan earlier today but it comes and goes.

Dentist tomorrow.

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