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Dyane: bit more progress...

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On 31/01/2021 at 18:10, brownnova said:

Nah...  no need for paint. The best cars have character.


On 31/01/2021 at 19:03, bezzabsa said:


for more wotthefukkwazzat hilarity


On 31/01/2021 at 19:34, hairnet said:

scruffy as fuk

fast as fuk (relative)

daft as fuk

and legal is all you need



3 hours ago, Volksy said:

I'm with the 'Do Not Paint' crew. Just looks like most Dyanes from my yoof!


3 hours ago, puddlethumper said:

I agree with others in the 'do not paint'. Then you could win the 'mismatched panel colour' thread. A grade one winnah in shiteland. 



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On 02/02/2021 at 19:32, chaseracer said:



So, obviously, today I bought paint.

But panic not, friends!  I have etch primer, plus 2x 400ml aerosols each of AC639 bleu lagune and AC333 jaune mimosa - there are localised repairs to be getting on with before the Dyane heads for the wilds of Herefordshire.

Hope it stops raining soon...

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  • chaseracer changed the title to Dyane: avec peinture dans la coffre!
  • chaseracer changed the title to Dyane: MERDE, c'est froid, hein?
  • chaseracer changed the title to Dyane: un peu plus de peinture
  • chaseracer changed the title to Dyane: bit more progress...

That car was so much fun, but also so relaxing when you actually resisted the upper echalons of rev range. Very tempted to go that route myself, but I'm quite enjoying the 652 now Sparrow has sorted out the carb. Still not cheap, but then a 652 isn't cheap by the time Sparrow has built it properly, and I think I'd feel short-changed if I hadn't gone for the 720. As it is, I built the 652 myself, and Sparrow just sorted the carb, so I'm happy enough.

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