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Coalnotdoles AX... Roadtrippin.

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2 minutes ago, Noel Tidybeard said:
  • metro
  • pug 106 1.0 xn
  • citroen ax 1.0/2cv
  • fester
  • fiat panda/uno
  • renner 4/5/6/12/15

Only thing on that list that I can see going for £175 these days is the 106 or AX.  Or possibly an early, tatty Rover Metro 1.1C.

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Full story then:

Last month when I had a text off of Dave (CND Isle of white division) Asking did I want to buy a Citroen AX with a months MOT for £175? It had been offered to him by a mate who runs a local body repair / sprayshop.

Two owners from new and one family based on the Island. Dave had a a quick test drive, Reconed it drove ok, save for a clicking CV joint. it was dirty inside, with some bodywork issues but otherwise looked pretty solid.

Heres the pictures I received:






Seemed a fairly safe bet so Dave bought it!

There was a Lose plan was to get it MOT'd again on the Island and then bring it over to the mainland were I could use it as a runabout... I also think I may Drive it to Paris.


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Dave had a bit of a poke round it and came up with a list of jobs that would be worth doing:

  • Replacing the wing mirror held together withn duct tape.
  • theres a small hole in the passenger door sill (sort of hidden by the door seal)
  • Threaded inserts for the boot catch are loose and need re-epoxying as they looked like you could pull on the boot and leave the catch behind!
  • Theres a leak from the rocker cover gasket / rocker bolts.
  • Something large rolls around inside on the NSF tyre and makes a funny noise...
  • one tail light is quite cracked.
  • Driveshaft definately wants replacing
  • speedo cable did not work
  • some dead bulbs in the dash

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22 minutes ago, coalnotdole said:


The dealer paperwork is very early 90's...



The AX was at least 2 years old when that Safeway petrol station map was done. My great aunt and uncle had an AX 10E 3dr they bought new in 1990, it was a nice little car. 

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