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Coalnotdoles AX... Roadtrippin.

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Theres not much to tell about the trip home really there were no drama's the auto route was clear and smooth all the way to where thanks to deviating off the main road into the town and a strange post code in the sat nav we wound up on a tour of the docks... and despite going to a commercial shipping terminal by mistake we got the ferry home without any excitement once we'd actually found the right place...

Heres a final few pictures of the AX lost in the docklands:






It needs cleaning again, but I'm pretty sure now that its capable of being driven anywhere at a moments notice with no drama. Not bad for a car at this price point.

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One thing was bugging me about the front of this car, and that's the badge.  For some reason, I always remembered them having the badge on the right, like on a BX.  Turns out, when they went from orange to clear indicators, the badge moved from the right, to the centre, seemingly as part of the facelift.  There's a tiny number of early non-UK cars I found images of with the badge on the left too.  I wonder if they meant to do the same to the BX when they facelifted it but didn't because of the crease in the middle of the bonnet that the AX doesn't have, which would have likely meant manufacturing whole new badges rather than just moving them to make it look a tiny bit fresher.

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