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eBay tat volume 3.


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1 hour ago, 11001010 said:




Radio and blower do not work.





Thats a good price for the mileage, blower will be a pain to replace though. Great color too and the 93s were actually the quickest year and came with the Autobahn-Proof one piece driveshaft. Hate the aftermarket wood decor though.

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Not eBay, not tat - if anyone wants to join me in Cruisering, this looks like the car I SHOULD have bought (except it's not black and it's a manual)


Less than £3000, 40,000 miles, and CAMBELT CHANGED - which accounts for £800 of the value if it's been done right. I'm genuinely impressed with my Cruiser as a convertible to enjoy - even if it's completely un-sporting in nature (and expensive to tax for the sake of 15g/km of CO2, bastards).

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45 minutes ago, anonymous user said:

I like that, shame no photo of it with the top up, so assume it looks awful.

I wonder how much strengthening has gone in

Looking at the shut line of the driver's door compared to the passenger's, not quite enough...

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