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eBay tat volume 3.


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"Drives well, no brakes"




It's only 30 miles away, plenty of engine braking......




What a surprise, the air-filter thieves have struck again.






"Has survived a lot better than most UK cars of this age!"...yes most have been crushed long ago?


"There are no brakes at all - I haven’t investigated but suspect stuck cylinders. Actually drives very well.". Those two sentences are not compatible?


"Interior in honest original condition (much like the rest of the car) with only the seats and lack of carpets really letting it down". So most of the interior then?

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I keep trying to win Roffles and failing so its time to go conventional searching -







For sale rover sd1 series 2, 2.6 auto never been welded solid underneath and scuttle stored many years low miles 45k starts and drives from a can needs recommission excellent interior £1,800 may px message for more info Grimsby


Out of my budget but stopped me in my tracks..



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South Yorkshire, Rotherham originally reg. Just needs somebody from the DPR who lives a mile from the Rotherham border to buy it. No,..... Too many cars, and Mrs BMH wouldn't like it 'cause it's not got an MG badge!

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How to simultaneously show you hated your car, give it a fitting send off AND make your garden look like a scrapyard in one easy step







I have good ideas like that then stand back and think "no that's not worked at all". Wonder if this lad had the same moment of clarity?
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