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eBay tat volume 3.


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Poor choice of words I think...

Or maybe factually correct?


2016 EX DEMO RKS125 AS NEW. This superb commuter learner legal Benelli/Keeway roadster is now for sale having just covered 326 miles. It is as brand new and wont last long. Balance of warranty.. BLACK, £995



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Solid but scruffy 4.0 XJS. I like the really early XJS's and the really late XJS's but I'm not too fussed about the ones in the middle. I think the bumpers and wheels on these late one neaten them up.





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I like the look of this Saph also on autotrader £1,750 is a bit scene-y, but a nice spec IMHO and clean. Registration date 29/01/93, just 50 days before my Mondeo, in fact I think there are some Mondeo's out there still registered earlier.


MOT history clean as a whistle. Get in before it is £3k!




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