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  1. Good project for anyone looking for a cheap holiday (in 2048) https://www.gumtree.com/p/vans/vauxhall-camper-van/1174515690
  2. Not eBay, but similar. Paintwork is awesome. I can't work out if it's left hand drive or just some berk reversed his pictures. And €3995??????!?!?!?!?!?!? Really? https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/ford-sierra-merkur-xr4ti/12643029?campaign=3
  3. Class! Beats the 20 year old toyotas I got used to in Manchester!
  4. Funny you should say that. Seems to be a common way of thinking round these parts.
  5. Nice day for it, so it is. Hooray for public transport. Hope it's less rusty than the Micra!
  6. My sister in law had an identical one of these. Same age. Was even the same colour. I will pray for you.
  7. Highly unlikely. They are fierce over here. "Sorry, there's a big hole, so it's failed," after putting said big hole in it with a screwdriver. In fact I think more holes in Northern Irish cars are caused by MOT inspectors than by tin worms.
  8. Ah ballix. There's definitely been a drop off in the numbers of these on the roads lately. Mystery solved. Look on the bright side. Vacant spot on the drive.
  9. That looks like someone rear ended a Esprit with a Delorean and just kept going.
  10. Don't care how ugly this is. I definitely would
  11. Agreed. They're all growing on me, with the exception of the Rodius, I must admit. Oh and I'd forgotten about the Pugs, but I guess that's pretty normal.
  12. Did some snooping on the Willy Think I've changed my mind. It's in showroom condition for its age. With an engine that big in such a small tin can it's power to weight ratio must be approaching that of a Veyron. Finally, and rather sentimantally, it was first registered on my birthday.
  13. Wot you prepared to part with in exchange. I'll go back tomorrow and leave a note.
  14. Just remembered. She did help once. I was trying to get a hub nut to move on the Favorit, and after using my whole bodyweight on the end of a 4ft breaker bar hadn't worked, I gave her a hammer and she shocked the shit out of it while I jumped up and down. That got the bugger, although I did smack my chin on the roof of the car when it finally turned.
  15. Mrs HS has no interest whatsoever, and raises an eyebrow if I even mention tinkering, seeing as I am a total beginner myself. I wouldn't dream of giving her access to the the spanners because she would no doubt ignore the manual and STILL be much better at it than me.
  16. Or.... Fire Pininfarina because (SWMBO has one of these - my one of these which I refuse to drive)
  17. Me too. Have driven a few borderline cases too.
  18. At least you can fill the Rodius with stuff/kids/dogs etc. This Toyota Willy would be full with one packet of tabs and a book of stamps.
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