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  1. Likewise. PO6 is also on my doorstep. I can potential collect daytime this week. PM me with details and I will assist if Stanky can’t.
  2. An electric powered Reliant Fox drove across the roundabout in front of me the other day I kid you not! It had something splashed down the side indicating that it was electric but I can’t find any details online about it yet.
  3. Good luck, it will be an awesome purchase - it's up there with the Hearse that someone on 'ere drove back from the continent.
  4. With reference the strange Roller: http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian-car-scene/48978-rs-2-cr-rolls-royce-gets-rs-1-cr-makeover-dc.html
  5. Working near Braintree at the moment but Dibden Purlieu isn't near me or somewhere I would pass by.
  6. Where do they need to get to in Essex?
  7. Zantimisfit - yes, exactly what I am looking for! There is a 2.6 one for sale at the moment which is much further up the coast. That ones only just gone on - I will look into a bit further.
  8. The other half has got a facelift 105 BHP Twinair Lounge, it's a great car. She would have liked a Bini but it was too expensive and it didn't drive right on the standard skinny tyres. Unfortunately the options don't come cheap on the Mini and you can't get away with buying a 'standard' spec car hence going for another 500 Lounge. Some trim levels do come with height adjust but I have a feeling that its only on the drivers side. I'd have to double check on ours.
  9. I had a Van Aaken smart box on a 1.4 TDCi MK6 Fiesta - worked well, improved the MPG and gave the figures quoted. My Focus 2.0 TDCi has a somewhat more sophisticated Ford approved re-map and has a handset to upload it with. It drives like a completely different car with it uploaded - mpg is better, far fewer flat spots and as for the performance, it gives ST and RS models a fun for it's money! It pulls like a train - the in gear acceleration is superb. The remaps been on the car from new which is now 10 years old, the figures that it makes are slightly better than the current ST TDCi models. I've struggled to find a better car to replace it with although this isn't your average Focus - its an ex-Ford show car with a full MS Design conversion and every conceivable option fitted. List price was over 30K new. I'd only recommend using a reputable firm such as Superchips or Mountune. It's all well and good tuning a TDCi but if you've got mega miles, don't have the stopping power, or can't get the power down its best avoided.
  10. Not to far from me but I don't really know a great deal about them. I've clocked painted brake calipers and what's looks like an aftermarket exhaust that has been removed in the pictures.
  11. This is an absolute pig of a job and isn't something I'd recommend doing at home. Best left to a professional as it invariable leads to the battery going completely flat trying to start the car again. An oil sucker is useful to pull the derv through. My independent Ford specialist and main dealer absolutely hate changing these, as it can be a lengthily time consuming job.
  12. That is a pukka 4x4 Cosworth in Radiant Red and one of only a handful made. It's very late registered and certainy one of the last built. Love the comments from its last MOT! Vehicle makeFORD Vehicle modelSIERRA SAPPHIRE Date first used29 October 1993 Fuel typePetrol ColourRed MOT history of this vehicle Test date22 May 2015 Expiry date30 May 2016 Test ResultPass Odometer reading78,643 miles MOT test number9387 3254 5112 Advisory notice item(s) very loud shade of dog dick red chassis black covering the complete underside of vehicle including bumpers loose nut behind the wheel large yellow lollipop makes steering dificult engine missing found it under bonnet dead bugs on windsheild live bugs on order crack on windsheild outside the swept area the crack is good Test date31 May 2014
  13. Possibly depending on what the car is.
  14. Been looking at that Granada for some time but it is very far North. Need to some better pictures to ascertain the condition really. It's been advertised before and I believe it is pretty good which would be handy as welding and bodywork is beyond my skills set! Perfect base for what I'd want to build though.
  15. Saw the picture of the CF and thought I recognised the brick wall! Guessed the location correctly. Yes, we do have a fleet of vintage icecream vans including many CFs around here - the owner has certainly got his money's worth as they've been running around at least 25 years or more!
  16. PM me and I can sort you out with a set of NOS genuine leads for a very good price. Nice Mondeo and rare in that spec even when new.
  17. Scorpio Cosworth or MK1/MK2 Granada would be a safe bet, as would a Volvo 2/7/8/9/V70 series
  18. Frogeye - Ford Scorpio Pantry - Lada Aircraft Carrier - Ford Zodiac Frothy - Vauxhall Cresta Rubber Mounted - FE Victor Wedge - Austin Princess Westy - Austin A110 Harbour - Morris Marina Oily Rag - Jag Go in 'arder - Ford Granada
  19. Aunty - Rover P4 Joey - Rover P6 Sidney - Rover SD1 Land Lobster - Austin 3 Litre Ocky - Austin A60 Sherpa Coupe - MGB Metro Coupe - MGF Moggie - Morris Minor Donald - Nissan Bluebird Pubic - Ford Corsair Trummy - Triumph Shove It - Chevette
  20. My local tyre fitters are branching out into MOTs now as they aren't really making anything from supplying/fitting tyres. Such is the competiton from the online suppliers I can get them to fit tyres at £15 a corner and still save at least £10 per tyre on their competitive fitted prices. I hope the MOT side of things goes well for them as they are an honest and extremely professional operation and I am quite fussy about where I get tyres fitted, I've had a set on Sparco Cromodoras wrecked in the past by a fitter using tyre levers/crow bars.
  21. Some ridiculous ones round here that are extremely high - I've scraped the underside of my front bumper whilst going over them at walking pace. It's a complete waste of money getting it repainted as no doubt it will happen again as soon as the paints dry despite being incredibly cautious in my approach.
  22. I know all about the Brown one and it was there when I was over in May. I will ask him if he still has it. He was intending to re-commission it but a better project came up. I'd certainly consider as an option.
  23. The cheapest ones are the ones where I already have the replacement part sat on the shelf - that's one advantage of having my own business supplying NOS Ford parts!
  24. Steve and the team work on a lot of British classics from the surrounding area. The Marina coupe is one of many projects, I am sure there will be progress over the winter when the main workshop is less busy. Bilmarknaden - glad you mentioned the name, as I've been looking to see if the 2dr Granada pictured is still for sale. I expect its already sold. Are these recent pictures. I am looking for a 2dr but the decent ones that have come up have been to far North to make it viable to send someone with a transporter.
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