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Grey the Floydian Sergal

1985 Talbot Alpine Minx (Annie Alpine)

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I also must add a great thanks to the Simca Owners'  Club as they've been a massive help (& I'm not even a paid up member yet!). Everything from sourcing a new Electronic dipstick, to a colour/trim matched Tailgate!



Even these impossibly rare Minx wing badges were kindly sent to me for the grand sum of nil. So the Simca club is definitely one I'll have to join. They are practically begging me to attend some of their events so I think I'd better lol

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    • By Andy1979
      Hello people. I haven't been back to this forum for some time as I temporally left the scene to sort other things in my life out. However Ive returned with something unusual and full of character to bring back to life.

      The story.

      Ive been with my girlfriend for almost 14 months now and I visited her family in Surrey back in the summer this year. It was a 70th birthday visit of one of her aunties. I was sat in the living room of the family house while members endeavored to grill me and ask me questions about myself and my interests. My girlfriend mentioned to her auntie that I was a classic old car fan and loved going to the shows and taking part etc, her  ears perked up and said to my GF, "oh he might be interested in what Ive got in the garage then". I naturally overheard this and within 30 secs I found myself in the garage getting personal with this Talbot Samba. Shes a 0.9cc engine LE spec which is a base model Samba. The clock showed 51000 miles and by now I was very curious and started asking questions. My girlfriends auntie told me she garaged the car approximately 21 years ago because she hated it due to her x boyfriend forcing her to part with a Morris Minor in favor of the Samba. I suppose in those days nobody wanted the thing anyway and I would of kept the Morris too. I gave the car a full body inspection and discovered there was very little rot underneath and the engine turns over with a spanner. At this point as far as I'm concerned the car is mine so I went to work. I didn't have to work hard as she basically said "take it I don't want it, it'll close long opened book for me and the garage will be available". I was like school boy in a sweet shop. So 4 months later armed with a flatbed, tools, two friends  a pot of coffee, a massive box of chocolates and a thank you card, we returned to collect the car, the photos say the rest.

      This was an all but dry stored car which really has saved it in my opinion and I'm glad I came along to save it. She is not everyone's cup of tea but for me is love at first site and plenty of potential.

      A large list is already forming so wish me luck. If anyone on here knows these cars well and has a good spider web of contacts and knowledge please get in touch as ill need help on parts which includes a whole engine if possible

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