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Found 2 results

  1. Hey folks, this is my thread on my project car, my 1985 Talbot Alpine Minx which I have christened Annie. I received the car last month & since then I've been gradually working to get her on the road & attempting to document the project on Youtube. My main reason for the Youtube coverage being that there just aren't enough Alpine videos on there. So, the to-do list. Well, I got the engine to go, tweaked the carburettor. Still not perfect but she now runs quite well, even if the exhaust pops a little, adjusted the rockers so she doesn't sound as tappety now as she does in part one. The wiper spindles were seized so I freed them off. I also found she had no water in her but thankfully, I haven't done any damage so frequent changes with plain water & she can now hold temperature better. I'm going to give her a proper flush next time I'm up there to get rid of all the crud in the system. To date, here's what needs doing Clutch Master Cylinder (refurb or replace?) Temperature gauge sender (for one, locating the damn thing & hopefully getting the temperature gauge to read accurately) Oil & filter change Brake/Clutch fluid change Welding to floor & tailgate Painting (by gun, can or roller? I haven't a clue which way to go) maybe source a replacement N/S door mirror (I know a chap in Germany with a NOS item for 93 euro but apparently, speedy spares in Brighton have one but they're just messing me around at the moment) Work out why only the screen & O/S vents are functioning properly I'm sure more jobs will appear over time but by the looks of things, I'm well on my way to getting back on the road after a year without a car & I can't think of a better car to return to the open road with. What are my thoughts on the car so far then? Well I've pedalled her around on private land, namely around the industrial estate where I'm working on her & I've got to say, this car is the comfiest car I've ever driven. Certainly in terms of ownership, my previous car being a Mk2 Fiesta popular plus, the car goes over the severe speed bumps & potholes like they aren't even there. The 1.6 Poissy engine certainly has plenty of poke & the retro power steering is joyous to use, certainly a damned sight better equipped than the fiesta with five speed gearbox, PAS, remote driver's door mirror, an actual glove box & cigar lighter. I also appreciate all the space & the huge glass area, make the interior such a pleasant place to be. But on the flip side, i have big feet & I'm not fond of the Steering Column UJ scrubbing my foot when I have the clutch depressed & I'm turning to full lock, the gearshift is a little like stirring porridge, it's pretty vague but I may get used to it when I'm driving the car more regularly, however the lock for reverse isn't ideal given the size of the knob, even with my lanky hands, it's not an easy or comfortable ordeal. Working on the car is an interesting experience, it would be handy if I had double jointed knees at times & I have no ideal what the previous owner was doing on the car, but everything seems so half-arsed. Everything from draining the cooling system only to leaving it to leaving the gear change rod bracket bolts not even finger tight! My haynes manual is helpful at times & effin' useless for the majority. Otherwise though, the car's a joy to work on, with plenty of little touches that make working on the car almost effortless. All in all, good all round fun working on a car that's a rolling mystery. Why was the previous owner so half hearted? Why was she off the road for nearly eight years? Why didn't these cars sell when new? What exactly is the answer to the great question concerning life, the universe & everything? Oh wait, the last one's 42. Anyway, looking forward to getting her legal, should be one fun adventure.
  2. Hello people. I haven't been back to this forum for some time as I temporally left the scene to sort other things in my life out. However Ive returned with something unusual and full of character to bring back to life. The story. Ive been with my girlfriend for almost 14 months now and I visited her family in Surrey back in the summer this year. It was a 70th birthday visit of one of her aunties. I was sat in the living room of the family house while members endeavored to grill me and ask me questions about myself and my interests. My girlfriend mentioned to her auntie that I was a classic old car fan and loved going to the shows and taking part etc, her ears perked up and said to my GF, "oh he might be interested in what Ive got in the garage then". I naturally overheard this and within 30 secs I found myself in the garage getting personal with this Talbot Samba. Shes a 0.9cc engine LE spec which is a base model Samba. The clock showed 51000 miles and by now I was very curious and started asking questions. My girlfriends auntie told me she garaged the car approximately 21 years ago because she hated it due to her x boyfriend forcing her to part with a Morris Minor in favor of the Samba. I suppose in those days nobody wanted the thing anyway and I would of kept the Morris too. I gave the car a full body inspection and discovered there was very little rot underneath and the engine turns over with a spanner. At this point as far as I'm concerned the car is mine so I went to work. I didn't have to work hard as she basically said "take it I don't want it, it'll close long opened book for me and the garage will be available". I was like school boy in a sweet shop. So 4 months later armed with a flatbed, tools, two friends a pot of coffee, a massive box of chocolates and a thank you card, we returned to collect the car, the photos say the rest. This was an all but dry stored car which really has saved it in my opinion and I'm glad I came along to save it. She is not everyone's cup of tea but for me is love at first site and plenty of potential. A large list is already forming so wish me luck. If anyone on here knows these cars well and has a good spider web of contacts and knowledge please get in touch as ill need help on parts which includes a whole engine if possible Thanks
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