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Mismatched panel colour thread.

Jim Bell

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On 11/14/2022 at 5:30 PM, bunglebus said:

Another one of those ones where you just know the owner thought they'd found a perfect match until they got home20221114_152720.thumb.jpg.73ced94a2b158ef12bdad0806b3c510c.jpg20221114_152708.thumb.jpg.821b5ecf89817fcd66b1bc873b8cb763.jpg20221114_152658.thumb.jpg.ee935fca4759e8bf684c2a97e14167fb.jpg20221114_152646.thumb.jpg.7b8307412bcf338b44c61cc54f9b0b7c.jpg

I wonder if all the stickers came with the replacement tailgate and bumper?

Did they really make those in two such ever-so-slightly-different shades of blue?!

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