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All vax'al's are (appliance) w(s)hite? The White Knight revealed on page 4.


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B'stard adaptor did not turn up today. I phoned QED to check that they had sent it and to the right place, and they reckon it went in the post before close of play yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow ?

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Adaptor turned up. Yeah.


Could I get the old bolt out. Anyone know how big the internal hex is, cause I obviously need to buy some new tools.


I have oil in my hair. and I stink and my car still leaks oil.

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I think there is a pin that stops it turning but this snaps allowing the housing to spin


No. There is just a very very thin hard rubber seal which is clearly too small, and after 10,000 thermal cycles (assuming 200K divided by 20 mile journeys) it obviously decided "yeah feck it"

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Adaptor turned up. Yeah.


Could I get the old bolt out. Anyone know how big the internal hex is, cause I obviously need to buy some new tools.


It's a 12 mm hex.  I still couldn't get the hex in because my attempt with a 1/4 in square drive had borked the female hex.



It's all sorted now. Thanks to "Keith" - a retired mechanic from Wolverhampton.

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  • 2 months later...

June 2nd Update :


Now Yesterday whilst on the M6 in traffic jam / through 50 mph road works In realised 2 things.


1 )  Firstly it wouldn't pull away very quickly, almost like I had the brakes on if it wasn't an auto, I'd say the clutch was slipping. 

2 ) Then It wouldn't allow cruise control to be selected. 

3 ) Then I tried the sport button, and that didn't work.



So when stationary, I turned it off and restarted and it was fine. 

But after a few miles faults 1 and 3 came back. Cruise continued to work though.

Turning off and restarting fixed it for a while. 


Anyone know anything about the GM autobox attached to the 3.2 omega ? 



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heat related ....... hottest day plus traffic jam ?

Only saw 24 degrees but was very stop start on M6. I still managed 30 mpg this week which is better than normal.

But I'm wondering now if the small oil leak is not the engine and whether it's the gear box.

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Check ATF level.They don't like it if the level gets low. Engine running, manually cycle the lever through the gears to make sure all valve blocks are filled. Then undo filler plug, with engine still running, If ATF doesn't seep out, fill with Dexron 3 until it does.

If that doesnt cure it, get codes read with TECH 2, or Opcom if you don't have access to Tech 2.

If the box is shagged it can be replaced for around £100 and a day of effing and blinding on your drive. If the autobox ECU is shagged it can be replaced for around £25 and about 10 minutes of your time. 

If the problem is electrical rather than mechanical, finding it might be the hardest part, as is often the way with electrickery.

If you rub some of the leaking oil between your fingers it should be easy to spot if its reddish ATF, or brown / black engine oil.

My thoughts on your original oil leak at the start of the thread, was that one of the half moons in the gasket at the rear of the engine had become displaced.

If you get a leak there, it can piss out faster than you can tip it in.


Edit. Symptoms 2&3 don't point to low ATF to me. Check all electrical connectors, particularly the ones on the transmission.

From memory, I think theres three connectors on the box.

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So this evening I took myself off to a mates workshop




Every bloke should have a lift. How brilliant was it to be able to carry out my simple task without scrabbling around on the floor. 


And added half a teacup of Halfords Finest Red Liqueur.  




I await Friday afternoon and a trip up the M6 in the Summer heat to see if the symptoms return. 



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  • 4 weeks later...


I decided that as the problem since filling up has been sporadic. Ie it might happen if the temperature is high.

I thought I'd change time 8 litres of ATF

which means dropping 2 gearbox stomps and maybe replacing the filter. One gasket not available. 2 filters in the UK can be had in a couple if days for oh ah £70 trade club price. Not much use if I take the sump off and try to reuse the old gasket and it leaks.


As ny ideas??

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What about some sort of gasket sealant?  Quite a few cars use magic jizz rather than gaskets these days, such as RTV Silicone Sealant or Wynnes Black Gasket maker.


Not used either myself (only used sealants in conjunction with a gasket for "security") but the Wynns stuff can apparently be used for anything except Head Gaskets.  Otherwise find out what the original gasket is made of (rubber/cork/neoprene) and make a new one using the old as a template.  And smother that in some sort of sealant for backup. 


Remember that gearbox may originally have been made by ZF or Aisin Warner and be available in other applications from different makers.  Just because Vauxhall don't have any doesn't mean the Buick dealers in Canada aren't wondering what they are going to do with all the gearbox gaskets littering the place.

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What about some sort of gasket sealant? Quite a few cars use magic jizz rather than gaskets these days, such as RTV Silicone Sealant or Wynnes Black Gasket maker.


Not used either myself (only used sealants in conjunction with a gasket for "security") but the Wynns stuff can apparently be used for anything except Head Gaskets. Otherwise find out what the original gasket is made of (rubber/cork/neoprene) and make a new one using the old as a template. And smother that in some sort of sealant for backup.


Remember that gearbox may originally have been made by ZF or Aisin Warner and be available in other applications from different makers. Just because Vauxhall don't have any doesn't mean the Buick dealers in Canada aren't wondering what they are going to do with all the gearbox gaskets littering the place.

M6 first thought is to send my Nephew to a Cadillac dealer in Cincinatti and buy some catera parts.

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says it's for a 3.0, does it have the same gearbox. I shall ask the question on OFF later. but I tend to get better answers here and yours was perhaps the best so far.
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Well wiki says the Catera transmission is the GM 4L30-E




Not sure how to verify if that's in your Omega, but it is listed as one of the applications,

It would seem the same gearbox is also fitted to various Bmws izusu and holdens.


I will have parts on order shortly.

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Remember that gearbox may originally have been made by ZF or Aisin Warner and be available in other applications from different makers.  Just because Vauxhall don't have any doesn't mean the Buick dealers in Canada aren't wondering what they are going to do with all the gearbox gaskets littering the place.


Indeed. and BMW dealers too. 


I've recently found I can "con" the gearbox into not doing it by pressing the sport button, when I know I'm going to be coming down from cruising in top gear. and then Turning it off after I'm happy that I'm going to be sitting in top again for a while. 




As the 4L30-E box is similar / identical * to other applications across the














Looking at this : There is a list of interchangability on this advert. 




Obviously I'd rather order parts from a UK supplier as likely to arrive this week. 


Because I am cautious and I don't want to be stranded with the wrong parts having taken off and fucked any means of sealing the sump(s) I have asked the question at OFF but as Omegod will confirm, all the "experts" there seem to have moved onto VAG's .  Still there is so much good information on that website that I only have good things to say about it generally. 

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  • 5 weeks later...

Due to procastination and the fact that I've not had an issue for 2 weeks with the gearbox, I decided that this week I would fix the clunk.  Replaced the drop links Both sides. Only one was fecked. It's hard word with 19 mm socket in one hand and 16 mm open ended spanner in the other (17 mm  open ended to go back on) 


Clonks gone, pulls less to left under braking, but still a little. That will be the steering arm.  Didn't have a ball joint splitter in my box of tricks and mine is in a box about 100 miles away.


Some pictures 


A new drop link




Job done




In the Trees




"Muscle" Car and Overweight  american pastiche of a muscle car.  



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Ah the joys of omega's... If it wasn't for the vauxhall issue I would have another.


Just wait until the selector unit fails on the gearbox (big electronic unit on the side). All the lights on the gear selector in the car will flash randomly and gearbox turns into a cabbage!


Pulling to left is alignment issue .... Get a good 4 wheel alignment done, not one of those crappy F1 autocentres and should rectify issue. Omega's are well known for this both mine and my dad's were fixed with good alignment work

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  • New POD changed the title to All vax'al's are (appliance) w(s)hite? The White Knight revealed on page 4.

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      Well I've been meaning to sign up here in forever, but kept forgetting. Thanks to someone over on another forum I frequent poking me about it recently the subject was forced back into my very brief attention span for long enough to get me to act on the instruction.

      I figure that my little varied fleet might bring you lot some amusement...

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      Next, a proper old Saab. One of the very last 8 valve cars apparently, and all the better for it. I've driven two 16v autos and they were horrible - the auto box works sooooo much better with the torque curve of the 8 valve engine. Just wish it had an overdrive for motorway cruising...

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      Finally - again, I really need to take more photos of - we have the little Pug 107.

      Included for the sake of variety even if it's a bit mainstream! First (and probably to be the only) new car I've bought, and has been a cracking little motor and has asked for very little in return for putting up with nearly three years of Oxford-Milton Keynes commuter traffic, before finally escaping that fate when my housemate moved to a new job. Now it doesn't do many miles and is my default car for "when I've managed to break everything else."

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      An XJS 3.6 manual project which will get in high gear soonish. Wont be a keeper but will be fun getting it back to something presentable. Drivers fantastic!
      A Range Rover P38, which is turning out to be really rather good.
      And to mix things up even more I'm off on a collection caper today. Had first refusal on it and was expecting it to come around in a year, but things soon changed and no way was I going to pass up on it. It may well render the second Xantia redundant as I've got a really good feeling about this motor.
      In the meantime here are some snaps of the Range Rover. As usual it was a car I said I would probably never buy due to their reliability*. I have said the same of Jag XJR, XJS, XK8 and I have had all of those now. Basically the moment I declare buying a particular car is impractical or improbable, I end up buying one.
      Things to note on the P38. It's a nice colour with tidy body. The EAS has been removed. It runs and drives lovely and it doesn't have enough electrical problems to hinder progress. The main one is the driver's side window not working, but that should be fixable. I've tried changing the outstation, that didn't fix it. Might be wiring under the seat. Other than that I bought it and took it for an MOT the very next day, and it passed. Since then it had what seemed like a battery drain, but since unplugging the RF thingy for the remote locking and putting on a proper lead-acid battery, which the car can actually charge, unlike the modern lead-calcium batteries, it has been perfect. I will treat it to a full service soon.
      Stay tuned for the latest collection later today!

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      I'm a masochist from Leeds who is running two rusty, worn out Triumph Dolomites as my only transport in rural Aberdeenshire. You might recognise me from various other forums and Facebook groups. Realistically I need to buy a modern car of some sort, but instead I find myself looking at £300 Citroen BXs and Triumph Acclaims on Gumtree and thinking "yeah, that'd fit right in with the rest of the broken cars I can't afford".
      On to the cars, the main attraction being my 1976 1850HL "50 Shades of Yellow" that I bought for £850 and is currently my daily driver, here is a picture of it before I sanded off some surface rust and sprayed it badly in the wrong shade of yellow with rattle cans:

      Within a month of purchase I managed to plant it in to a steel fence backwards after a botched gear change on a wet roundabout and ruined the N/S rear wing, although judging by the other dent that's packed with filler it looks like somebody had already done the same. I also managed to destroy a halfshaft and one of my Sprint alloys (good for an extra 15hp) in the incident, so now it's sitting on it's original steelies but painted black (good for an extra 5hp).
      It's only broken down on me twice. once with some sort of fuel delivery related problem which may or may not have been an empty fuel tank and once when the thermostat jammed shut and it overheated and blew out some O-rings for the cooling system. It has recently developed a taste for coolant and oil which is rather annoying, although it's done 89,300 miles which is about 80,000 more miles than BL engineering is designed to last, I'm keeping my eye on eBay for replacement engines... 
      I tried to keep ahead of the rust a bit by rubbing down the arches and re-painting them, but apparently rattle can paint isn't great when you are spraying it at -5C, it also highlighted how although my car might have been Inca Yellow in 1976 it's now more of a "cat piss" sort of shade. So I ended up with the wrong shade of yellow which has rust coming back through after 5 weeks. Did I mention I'm incompetent?
      The other car is the first "classic" car I bought, so I can't bear to sell it. It's a '77 Dolomite 1300 and it cost £1400 (about £400 too much) and has been nothing but a pain in the arse:

      It looks much prettier (from 100 yards) but that's most due to the darker paintwork hiding the rust. It lives a mollycoddled life in my garage, where it somehow still manages to rust, and is utterly rubbish. 0-60 is measured on a calendar, top speed is 80ish but at that point it uses more oil than petrol, it rarely ventures over 50mph and if you encounter an incline of any sort you can kiss that sort of speed goodbye, along with about £20 of 20W50 as it vanishes out of the exhaust in the form of blue smoke.
      One of the PO's had clearly never heard of the term "oil change" so it developed into brown sludge that coated everything internally with the next owner(s) blissfully pouring fresh oil on top of it. This lasted until about 600 miles into my ownership when there was muffled "pop" from the engine bay and the car became a 3-cylinder. The cause was catastrophic wear to the top end causing a rocker arm to snap:

      As this was my first classic car I'd assumed it was supposed to sound like the engine was full of marbles, it wasn't.
      I put the engine back together with second hand bits declared it utterly fucked and promptly did another 5000 miles with it. After about 3500 of those miles the oil burning started, valve seals have gone so it's been relegated to my parent's garage as a backup car and something to take to local car shows as the 1850 is now embarrassingly ugly. I'm keeping my eye on eBay for replacement engines (deja vu, anybody?) Oh, I also recently reversed it into a parked Ford Fiesta and royally fucked up the rear bumper, rear panel and bootlid. Did I mention I'm incompetent?
      There have been two other cars in my life. My first car, a 2008 Toyota Yaris 1.0 an it's replacement a 2012 Corsa 1.4T. I didn't really want either of them, but it's a long story involving my parents and poor life choices. Ask if you want to hear it!
      So that's a brief summary of my current shite. If you want more pictures or details of anything do say as I've got photos of almost everything I'd done with the cars.
    • By mat_the_cat
      Thought I should probably start a thread, given that a few people have suggested it. For my sins, my first car was a 1985 Hyundai Stellar. Bought back in 1997, when the sun still shone, I had more hair, and the world was generally a better place.
      This may be the earliest photo I have, I think from 1998:

      Anyway, I drove everywhere in it, and clocked up over 100k miles before I was given an Alfa Romeo 75. So I took the Stellar off the road for some much needed TLC. Made some progress on it - Rebuilt all the suspension, fitted a rebuilt Cortina* rear axle, Princess 4 pot front calipers and Capri vented discs etc - before a couple of house moves and renovations put it on the back burner.
      * before anyone says they are identical underneath, there are some differences. I fitted a replacement axle fairly early on in my ownership, only to fit that not only was the propshaft flange the wrong size, the UJ was totally different so I couldn't even fit a new yoke. Finding a company on the day before New Year's Eve who could cut off the end, weld a new UJ on and balance it wasn't too easy, especially one that was accessible by push bike!
      Anyway, late last year I found some renewed motivation, and have been working on it when time and money permit. Here is what it looked like in October:
      OMG barn find?

      Front suspension OK at first glance...

      ...but it has turned out the calipers had seized (so are away being rebuilt) and all the (brand new) ball joint boots had perished:

      Quite a bit of welding is needed too, but I had a setback just before Christmas when we were burgled and my welder stolen

      Crusty roof rail

      I've cleared some of the crap away from it now (it's not stored at mine - I'd love to own somewhere that big!) so might be able to get more photos. Currently working on the rear brakes, and disappointed to find that the shotblasted rear axle is now starting to rust after two coats of POR15 and 7 years storage under cover...

    • By mat_the_cat

      By popular* demand* here is a thread about the least popular VW van around.
      The photo is as bought, back in 2006. Purchased with a year's MOT, 6 months tax, and a caravan all for £600. To his credit, the seller had received many enquiries from people wanting to buy either the caravan or van, but not both although refused to end the auction early when there were bids already on it. So it failed to go anywhere near what I thought it would sell for.
      The combination suited us well, as we could live in the caravan wile we carried out major house work, and use the van for carrying building materials. This we did, enduring a sometimes cosy but often cold winter in the caravan while I used the LT as my only road legal vehicle. It was already carpeted inside, with a simple electrical system as it had been previously used as a motorbike race van. It saw a little bit of use as a 'tent on wheels', seen here in Scotland in 2007:

      I'd always wanted to build a campervan, although I kept this quiet when seeking domestic funding for buying it in the first place! So when the bulk of the work was done, I suggested using some fittings from the caravan to convert it. This was met with approval (to my surprise), and we planned to take it to a festival one August.
      I waited for a forecast of dry weather, but none came and I was running out of time so ended up booking time off work a week before the festival. The reason for dry weather is that I wanted to tackle some welding...

      As it turned out, I had one dry day to work on it! After much searching I'd bought some genuine VW panels (despite forum experts saying there were none remaining), which fitted very nicely



      Managed to get that far on Monday, then it was time to tackle the floorpan but I'll leave that tale for another day...


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