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Found 2 results

  1. Car : y reg Omega 3.2 MV6 196K Rocker Gaskets replaced last summer at about 183K with genuine parts. Proper cleaned out breather tubes on top of engine. . Oil changed at 193K with genuine GM Fully Syth and Filter. (Cast Housing) No leaks until 3 weeks ago. Started small, I always check the oil before a long journey (and I do a lot of them) and I've been adding a bit more often but now on Thursday I had to top up after 100 miles into a Journey, and Then again 80 Miles later (on Sunday) and again this morning at 70 miles into a Journey, AND then another 70 miles this afternoon, and now 70 miles on it needs more. I calculate about 6 litres for about 450 miles. That's a lot of rust proofing on the exhaust and lots of it on the floor. I've not had it up on the ramps, (as Snow and rain and doesn't fit in my garage) but had it running and had a look at the filter housing area, and seems to be pouring down the back of the engine. At first I wondered if the little wiring plug next to the Oil Filter Housing is likely to leak? but seems to be above that. (Car is too low to see without ramps) When the Rocker gaskets were leaking before it was all very slow. Yes there was an advisory on the MOT, but nothing like this. And it hasn't been leaking in at least 12K since I did them. So what are we thinking ? I blame JohnK !!!!! There is oil on the rocker cover because Spillage
  2. My Golf recently passed the MOT by the skin of it's teeth. Mk3 golf 1.8 Auto ABS engine 1994 It took a very long time for the revs to settle enough for it to pass fast idle, It took long enough that they nearly gave up on it! Last year it had the same issue. It doesn't owe me much, but a few years ago I went to the effort of replacing the brake lines and the rear suspension bushes, an dealing with some rusty spots so body wise and mechanically it's got a few years left in it without major works, but the emissions will kill it off I don't get it sorted. I've stuck VCDS lite on it, but there's not much feedback on the 1.8 ABS engine. It tells you there is a crank position sensor error. All ABS engines get this fault because there is no sensor present! It will tell me if there is an issue with the Lambda sensor, but currently there is no lamda sensor error code. I thought it was worth explaining that point because the first recommendation is to use a code reader, but that is telling me nothing! It is often, but not always, sluggish during acceleration up until 3000rpm when compared to the other golf. During sluggish acceleration there is a drone/resonance seemingly from the exhaust, but I can't confirm as I can't replicate it on the drive because it only happens under load. There is an exhaust blow at the manifold to downpipe junction which I am reluctant to repair as it means buying many exhaust parts. This has been present for 4 years and started before the MOT issue. Here is the list of things I think I need to go through: MAF sensorMAF Sensor wiringThrottle body loose (checked this the other day.)Dead CATCoolant sensorCan anyone think of anything else worth checking? Experience of similar issues would be a good help. Is there any low cost way of checking the emissions without taking it to the garage? I have the 'luxury' of owning 2 x mk3 golf's with ABS so I can swap. This will be handy with the CAT and MAF sensor + wiring. Cheers for reading.
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