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Hmm no mention if the plates are still live though or if the RUC are somewhere near paid upto the current miles, cheap camper holiday though, we paid much more to hire a poxy hi-ace hitop for a month last time.


Yes, all is well. Registration on hold = sorn. Road tax = Diesel tax and should be paid up to the current Km's or more when sold, and no MOT which = WOF (warrant of fitness) because of repairs needed. So patch up the rust which probably is minor, pass a wof then register it and off you go ! And you don't even need to insure it because you will never need any will you !

The fly in the ointment is that you must have a wof to be able to register it. That leads to many people driving without either.

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SERIOUSLY?????  Oh wow, that's brilliant!  And in such an Autoshite way too.


NB verdict delivered after watching only a couple of minutes, including the opening credits.  I'm going to have to watch more later when I have more time.  Let me know if you find the chase compilation!


Fucking brilliant, I'm never going to forget that.

I’m glad you are enjoying it.


Unfortunately, the bastards at YouTube have taken down the compilation video on copyright infringement. Fair enough I suppose.


You can buy the complete collection on DVD and it comes with Bargearse!



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Only issue, it is an Aussie.




BUT LOOK, the original colour, it an Ex - Telecom Australia van!

So if you want it Eddy, you’d better beat me to it!



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There's a CF ice cream van on 'barn finds' on Facebook. Think it's in Devon and doesn't have an engine or gearbox, but surely you could C20XE it just for a laugh?

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It was always a long shot, but if you don't ask....

If it's any consolation, it took me the best part of three years to find a CX with my name on, and I didn't have a car to swap either!


There were many points where I thought it just wasn't going to happen - the few that came up were either too expensive or had too many question marks hanging around them. At one point there were more Safaris/Familiales than saloons on the market. It was like a feckin' needle in a haystack.

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Not to curse it - but I'm currently awaiting a CF recovery being welded in the cab area as a hauler....... they do exist for not too* much folding Eddy. The one I'm chasing is running a slightly warmed over Frontera disiesel - that will change in time though.

I love these vans -


This is bloody expensive though!



while this is ready for the zombie apocalypse - and looks terrible for it!



/\ Can I just like the first half of this post?


I know it's not the one for eddyramrod, but I do like the look of this 4x4 CF (thanks to ultrawomble)



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Pretty safe to assume that anything turning up on R&S has had way too much money spent on it to be a viable swop.  Never mind eh!


In other news, I spotted the GAS van again on ebay last night.  It's now listed with a starting price a grand above where it was before!

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Anything on R&S has had way too much pudding rubbed on it to make it viable. But all those photos excite


The swap idea will never work, but the sell and use the proceeds will


There has been quite a lot of positive chat about that LWB gas van, and not just on here. Perhaps the re-pricing is to keep away the squads of muppets. Owner sounds a tad muppet himself, likely shilling it into a relist. You could just make an offer

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