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Posh crap. Jag X type 2.0d purchased


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Bit of an update for those that are interested, 


I managed to blag access to a proper code reader and get this Jag plugged in to see what's what.




The Mass Air Flow fault turned out to be just me leaving it unplugged by mistake, so easy fix there. The Turbo issue is I think a well known problem with the variable vane actuator, which has dodgy solder joints to the motor that controls the vane movements. 


Soo, I had a crack at resoldering it myself. 





The bits that need resoldering actually look fine, annoyingly. I was hoping to see signs of a poor joint like burning or something. Maybe the unit itself is faulty?



I had a go at it with my ALDI gas soldering iron and ran out of gas half way through. Inexplicably Mrs Lankytim decided to bin my can of lighter fuel so I couldn't top it up so had to refit everything as is. I'd made a pretty poor job of things anyway and was expecting it to not work at all now.






Amazingly with everything back on the car it started and idled perfectly with the actuator arm now moving as it should as the engine was revved. A quick test drive and everything seems to work fine, although the limp mode light came on once but could be reset. 


I left it for a couple of days before starting it again. It fired up fine but the limp light came on a few times before going away when the engine was hot. Maybe I need a new/recon actuator.


The pump and injectors seem fine, which is a massive plus. Perhaps this is going to e an easy fix after all?

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I think Gravitas is something of a hangover from the 90s. Nowadays status is all white bling but in the 90's it would have been more Alan Partridge or Mrs. Bucket, big Rover or German saloon



Gravitas is not bling.

It’s subtle, understated presence. Like what I think my merc has got.


It’s what a silver spirit ( a la Monsieur panhard) or Bentley Turbo ( avec xtriple) has, but a new Bentley GT (Wayne Rooney ) does not.

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I think you need a double Gold medal for using one of those Aldi gas irons to do that! The tips are crap but the solder is even worse.


A good soldering iron is one of those tools that if you have, soldering jobs become a bazillion times easier.

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I used to work at an electronics firm and had access to loads of specialised shizz including fancy turbo soldering irons that would've pissed a job like this. I'm not expecting it to last but i'm pleased that the fault has been pinpointed (or I think it has)

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Hey everyone. I’ve been blasting around in the faux Jaag this week and absolutely love it! No warning lights or FTPs yet either.


There’s a real racket from the arse end, sounds like a whining wheel bearing but when I jack it up and try to detect the noisy bearing I can’t find anything wrong. There’s no play in either rear bearing and no roughness when I spin them round. What’s the best way of tracing a wheel bearing noise? I guess it could be one of the fronts and it just sounds like a rear...

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I've never had a wheelbearing drone that wasn't super-obvious when I was spinning the wheel in question at close quarters. If the rears seem OK, defo have a listen to the fronts. Also does it get worse on the corners? if it gets worse on RH bends its most likely a LH bearing etc.

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I missed this first time round......... it's actually a real looker - I've never given them much thought if I'm honest.

The sills do look an eay enough fix should the rose tinted spectacles take over come MoT time...... if it's running so well until then it would probably be worth at least a look - see how bad it may be under the fancy dress.


You're a braver man than me soldering that - I'd have almost 2tonnes of doorstop sitting outside if I'd tried it.


10mths bangernomics makes mucho sense in my book.

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