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My spottings, old and new - Hollywood special


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  • 2 weeks later...

I don't like Mercs. This one was covered in a plethora of dents scratches and other signs of 50 + years of use. I loved it.


41237292432_40ef6daa8f_k.jpg20180406_171602 by RS, on Flickr


41237292682_97fc7fad4d_k.jpg20180406_171547 by RS, on Flickr


41237294462_427e141498_k.jpg20180406_171624 by RS, on Flickr





41280811391_19a41a4043_k.jpg20180406_105144 by RS, on Flickr

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I go to Germany a few times a year for work, this time was Hannover - few older cars with the exception of 3A Passats (almost extinct in the UK it seems), MK2 Golfs and lots of Lupos as well as 3B Passats. Saw 3 mint air-cooled VWs, a 62-63 Beetle, a late 60's Karman cabrio and an earlt type 3 notchback. All going the other way while driving unfortunately.


40764874125_faf62185c8_k.jpg20180423_154435 by RS, on Flickr


26787847047_4d083e8e68_k.jpg20180423_122845 by RS, on Flickr


39848509480_ea99942368_k.jpg20180423_131201 by RS, on Flickr


Probably the worst MK2 Golf I saw, there were several minty looking ones that evaded my camera


39848487840_817ec4c0de_k.jpg20180423_120718 by RS, on Flickr


Several very clean LTs were seen


27787134508_637c3ea9af_k.jpg20180423_121048 by RS, on Flickr


40764821665_8a86eb9f79_k.jpg20180423_115608 by RS, on Flickr


Nearly £5000 for a 4-door 316?


26787810807_5831c58a93_k.jpg20180423_115509 by RS, on Flickr


Gorgeous. £15900


40764801135_7d6284c205_k.jpg20180423_115352 by RS, on Flickr


26787789007_d4c8c7918f_k.jpg20180423_115406 by RS, on Flickr


41615854222_4f124659ae_k.jpg20180423_115415 by RS, on Flickr


40944840514_c75553f082_k.jpg20180423_115317 by RS, on Flickr


40764773635_efe4273b18_k.jpg20180423_112226 by RS, on Flickr


39777067380_2d7594fca0_k.jpg20180420_150511 by RS, on Flickr


26716496097_80634ad215_k.jpg20180420_145956 by RS, on Flickr


Opel tries to escape;


40671991895_781c883aaa_k.jpg20180419_200921 by RS, on Flickr


This was amazing, 14000 KM ex fire service LT, now being used as a shop van. Lovely.


40853144004_3fa5ce23b2_k.jpg20180419_112215 by RS, on Flickr


40671984525_69b78310e0_k.jpg20180419_112151 by RS, on Flickr


40853102824_18ea075e01_k.jpg20180419_100743 by RS, on Flickr


27673010508_23994a2004_k.jpg20180418_192122 by RS, on Flickr


There were a few Chod sellers dotted about;


39734131260_6e808c29f6_k.jpg20180418_192010 by RS, on Flickr


39734113060_de8662a11e_k.jpg20180418_191703 by RS, on Flickr


41502121222_e601147714_k.jpg20180418_191655 by RS, on Flickr


39734114700_6ac4ad9383_k.jpg20180418_191841 by RS, on Flickr


39734129180_ad03636c36_k.jpg20180418_191857 by RS, on Flickr


40649868765_b5fa50169b_k.jpg20180418_191806 by RS, on Flickr


Saw a couple of these V6 24 Galoots around


41502146672_1aa103042f_k.jpg20180418_192026 by RS, on Flickr


And finally aother yard with mostly BMWs


27672995838_800709d7bd_k.jpg20180418_183330 by RS, on Flickr


39734101380_84f157c186_k.jpg20180418_183426 by RS, on Flickr

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Those chod dealers look grim, if they were all in a scrapyard it would have some level of excitement as you dont know what gems* you may find, but when its a thinly spread out pate of crud you can imagine the soul crushing that customers may feel when they have to go there.


Germany doesnt have anything like the variety of shagged out cars that somewhere like portugal has, or Croatia. Is that because of their TUV standards naturally culling older cars?

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I guess so, if things are old they're generally in good shape. Only saw one car with filler/rust, a modern (by my standards)  Audi.


Through the windscreen bimmer;


39909867540_0115045445_z.jpg20180426_150458 by RS, on Flickr


Lovely early 12 volt Beetle;


26826730007_bb279c76e0_k.jpg20180425_140800 by RS, on Flickr


Polio coop;


39887405620_d7d2afec64_k.jpg20180425_140641 by RS, on Flickr


I remember all the buses getting replaced with minibuses based on these;


41694366021_4e931f6dd9_k.jpg20180425_140624 by RS, on Flickr


Forgotten Mundano;


40795392985_b59ddf82d1_k.jpg20180425_140055 by RS, on Flickr


27825584278_f08ed9d058_k.jpg20180425_135246 by RS, on Flickr

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More German toot. When did you last see a Midi?


41054575594_f013d7c88c_k.jpg20180429_074328 by RS, on Flickr


Got more pics of the BMW place;


39964546620_965789ec7f_k.jpg20180429_074033 by RS, on Flickr


41772556371_8ae5a55c98_k.jpg20180429_074002 by RS, on Flickr


40873185125_ba0be8f07e_k.jpg20180429_074017 by RS, on Flickr


39964541080_9cb41fe906_k.jpg20180429_073959 by RS, on Flickr


41054567224_0961e327fa_k.jpg20180429_073934 by RS, on Flickr


27903400448_4136ade20f_k.jpg20180429_073925 by RS, on Flickr


41731149332_93f27838d1_k.jpg20180429_073941 by RS, on Flickr


40873177475_a2f41d5672_z.jpg20180429_073858 by RS, on Flickr


Somewhat ill-advised window sticker in Germany;


41054561574_99f26c01f4_k.jpg20180429_073904 by RS, on Flickr


39964529360_721b4e322f_k.jpg20180429_073810 by RS, on Flickr


26903902467_5e77a56ced_k.jpg20180429_073800 by RS, on Flickr


Towing capacity?


39954748920_f91f1ee7e2_k.jpg20180428_142538 by RS, on Flickr


Any ideas?


26883050297_2c25739d89_k.jpg20180427_203328 by RS, on Flickr




26883008487_d180bb4642_k.jpg20180427_202144 by RS, on Flickr


41033652814_e9663ebd5c_k.jpg20180427_202129 by RS, on Flickr


39943749700_cc2049b798_k.jpg20180427_202153 by RS, on Flickr


...and old


41033422054_284e2e1d77_k.jpg20180427_134137 by RS, on Flickr


41710035292_6bbf08d5de_k.jpg20180427_134128 by RS, on Flickr


41710081042_48bcb9071a_k.jpg20180427_134233 by RS, on Flickr


39943522140_5e3b08391e_k.jpg20180427_134242 by RS, on Flickr

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  • 2 weeks later...

27707491137_1fad541d27_k.jpg20180604_195401 by RS, on Flickr


41751983024_2d621bcf81_k.jpg20180531_094953 by RS, on Flickr


28602377358_2b65cc4a0a_k.jpg20180531_095047 by RS, on Flickr


This has been plying its trade where I grew up since it was new I think!


40712346120_fe9d213844_z.jpg20180601_123926 by RS, on Flickr


41719830135_4caf23cc31_k.jpg20180606_133824 by RS, on Flickr


42627519281_d58e3a734b_k.jpg20180606_172422 by RS, on Flickr


42628315951_655f28c083_k.jpg20180606_182726 by RS, on Flickr

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