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My spottings, old and new - Hollywood special


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I thought it about time I started my own thread. I've been taking mediocre camera phone pictures of old shite since about 2006 or so, therefore lots of these cars may no longer be alive.


Warning, there will be lots of air-cooled VW content, suck it up.


(thread edited to remove dead links - thanks Photobucket)

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An overwhelming amount of tat, too much to take in. Particularly like the Panhard, for obvious reasons, but lots of other great stuff here. Just goes to show how much stuff was still knocking about until quite recently.


I think the squashed car is an 80s Subaru

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Mitsubishi Shogun?



Definitely a Shogun - Badge on the wing is still visible


Yep, Shogun - although I had to zoom in on the photo to see the badge. I thought the indicator/sidelight was the biggest clue.

No-one fancy the Disco?

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...and now I have to thanks to Photobucket's ransom attempt on everyone  :evil:




34826408863_a5f9894908_k.jpg20170630_140017 by Rich Secker, on Flickr


35248686830_ad1a341d67_k.jpg20170630_140504 by Rich Secker, on Flickr


35635183555_ec295a0e34_k.jpg20170630_140510 by Rich Secker, on Flickr


34826406003_e6bb2d0e7c_k.jpg20170630_140610 by Rich Secker, on Flickr


35596068336_4095ef56c1_k.jpg20170630_140657 by Rich Secker, on Flickr


35504910581_af7ac83462_k.jpg20170630_140807 by Rich Secker, on Flickr


35596067556_73c20d4da7_k.jpg20170630_160441 by Rich Secker, on Flickr


35504908921_4b74d9f0e9_k.jpg20170630_160510 by Rich Secker, on Flickr


Not old but I have a slight fondness for these, most of the MINIs look dumb to me, be the vans are a bit cool.


35596066586_a8dc51f704_k.jpg20170630_163312 by Rich Secker, on Flickr


Scene points behind the tyre fitter's.


35504906871_2da11ca033_k.jpg20170630_165146 by Rich Secker, on Flickr


Slightly drunk SVX;


I've been trying to pap this for months but it's just before a set of lights, I'm never in the right place!


35467360332_cfd8a40fb0_k.jpg20170630_181814 by Rich Secker, on Flickr

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I'm tempted to start a new thread as all the Photobucket images won't display - thoughts?


Here's a couple from a Yorkshire Dales trip a few years back;


35258776700_a3b8bc9ebb_b.jpgYorkshire120_zps773c79d9 by Rich Secker, on Flickr


35477257942_3820709df7_b.jpgYorkshire109_zps96400dd1 by Rich Secker, on Flickr

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Minne Winnie lives with the Sherpa I posted before;


34921411534_d472cc8fac_k.jpg20170706_160104 by Me, on Flickr


Through-the-windscreen shop of this Jeep, never seems to move.


34952686873_5d5195fc16_z.jpg20170706_154617 by Me, on Flickr


Rare beast at the tip;


34921412924_72c0e10d57_k.jpg20170706_153348 by Me, on Flickr


Another one almost always in the same spot;


34952688543_ba19ee2393_k.jpg20170705_110742 by Me, on Flickr


34921415794_e30858d9d8_k.jpg20170705_110723 by Me, on Flickr


Can't remember if I posted this road-burner before;


34952690093_b57a857486_k.jpg20170617_121417 by Me, on Flickr

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Today I went into town, and walked a longer random route back to the car;


35665479491_7f60361725_k.jpg20170708_144506 by Me, on Flickr




35756827286_eeefde6aba_k.jpg20170708_144622 by Me, on Flickr


V12! Found outside a classic car garage/storage unit I didn't know was there, a few interesting motors inside but too many people about to take pictures.


35628178562_64d06efc41_k.jpg20170708_144900 by Me, on Flickr


Early, air cooled ex-panel van T25;


35756848276_a915f6794e_k.jpg20170708_145047 by Me, on Flickr


Stickerbomb and roofrack "scene points"


34987613363_43a5fb84ee_k.jpg20170708_145400 by Me, on Flickr


Battered Charade;


35797736075_4bee59b00d_k.jpg20170708_145519 by Me, on Flickr


Sleeping Mini;


35797734135_b932eb7851_k.jpg20170708_145543 by Me, on Flickr


More scene points;


35797732365_fc6344c520_k.jpg20170708_150311 by Me, on Flickr


35756833706_6e7a071057_k.jpg20170708_151758 by Me, on Flickr


Proton Proton;


34957103744_b6ddbde95e_k.jpg20170708_151824 by Me, on Flickr


Secret Citroens;


35797725655_a432e88d09_k.jpg20170708_151843 by Me, on Flickr


Hide and seek Mini;


35665467301_d538258a77_k.jpg20170708_151927 by Me, on Flickr


What did people who do this to PT Cruisers, do before there were PT Cruisers to do it to?


34987605663_86afb7e99a_k.jpg20170708_151950 by Me, on Flickr

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Loads of other shite found on a walk around the area (it was getting dark so some are a bit grainy)


The SEAT has a lovely Gaffer tape window seal.


There were many, many ovloVs.


The MX5 either had open windows or no windows and the door card hanging off.


The ZX was battered, half on double yellows and hadn't moved in a while.





























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What in tarnation is this?


36304419616_d2341b6979_k.jpg20170803_113358 by Me, on Flickr


36212272281_6f05678bc1_k.jpg20170803_113413 by Me, on Flickr


35952074590_78215b5401_k.jpg20170803_113424 by Me, on Flickr


Normality has resumed;


36181471232_365f479556_k.jpg20170803_135941 by Me, on Flickr


36213555491_c054e877c6_k.jpg20170803_135919 by Me, on Flickr


36212547121_60c05f4452_k.jpg20170803_124527 by Me, on Flickr

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