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My spottings, old and new - Hollywood special


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Minne Winnie lives with the Sherpa I posted before;


34921411534_d472cc8fac_k.jpg20170706_160104 by Me, on Flickr


Through-the-windscreen shop of this Jeep, never seems to move.


34952686873_5d5195fc16_z.jpg20170706_154617 by Me, on Flickr


Rare beast at the tip;


34921412924_72c0e10d57_k.jpg20170706_153348 by Me, on Flickr


Another one almost always in the same spot;


34952688543_ba19ee2393_k.jpg20170705_110742 by Me, on Flickr


34921415794_e30858d9d8_k.jpg20170705_110723 by Me, on Flickr


Can't remember if I posted this road-burner before;


34952690093_b57a857486_k.jpg20170617_121417 by Me, on Flickr

I'd give a winnie like that a good home!!

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Found in Wales;


36292191372_67b9362d1d_k.jpg20170807_113929 by Me, on Flickr


35652512683_3a2e5c2624_k.jpg20170807_175832 by Me, on Flickr


Young upstart;


36324183111_18f1559839_k.jpg20170809_124532 by Me, on Flickr


Old biffer;


36461395305_37774caff0_k.jpg20170809_124603 by Me, on Flickr


36362077626_8c8a979e37_k.jpg20170805_201331 by Me, on Flickr


36269995791_30a29c42f2_k.jpg20170806_104432 by Me, on Flickr


35599008623_6560c5b33a_k.jpg20170806_104459 by Me, on Flickr


36497733525_63ba7cc426_k.jpg20170809_130150 by Me, on Flickr

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Laydeez and genlemen, I bring you the worst MK5 Golf I've ever seen;


36526187415_40062ef79f_k.jpg20170812_195459 by Me, on Flickr


36358035362_89e34ce693_k.jpg20170812_195657 by Me, on Flickr


36388827261_65842dd339_k.jpg20170812_195717 by Me, on Flickr


36129643750_12fab81e2b_k.jpg20170812_195708 by Me, on Flickr


36388822461_40e8107c29_k.jpg20170812_195703 by Me, on Flickr


Kinked roof;


36479699206_14c008fc8c_k.jpg20170812_195645 by Me, on Flickr


36479698256_1cff00fd13_k.jpg20170812_195639 by Me, on Flickr


35717176333_651acd6acb_k.jpg20170812_195627 by Me, on Flickr


36479696876_7451680ecd_k.jpg20170812_195631 by Me, on Flickr


Bashed up sill;


35717174773_a0f291a257_k.jpg20170812_195620 by Me, on Flickr


35717172673_0b4bb9f61b_k.jpg20170812_195604 by Me, on Flickr


35717172773_1fbca49eb0_k.jpg20170812_195601 by Me, on Flickr


36129638760_be58832c62_k.jpg20170812_195543 by Me, on Flickr


35717155423_a04ac27dc9_k.jpg20170812_195537 by Me, on Flickr


35691179134_2898616769_k.jpg20170812_195531 by Me, on Flickr


Beautiful colour coded mirrors/indicators/door rubbers


35717148823_64520feac0_k.jpg20170812_195516 by Me, on Flickr


36479671076_9505e0e896_k.jpg20170812_195508 by Me, on Flickr


36526193415_03c5ba9c02_k.jpg20170812_195512 by Me, on Flickr


36479667006_4937fec39d_k.jpg20170812_195504 by Me, on Flickr


The owner was really pleased that it only cost £400...

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One of several MK3 Chavs I've noticed in the same area


35987718363_a2ec4ec470_k.jpg20170825_154030 by Me, on Flickr


35986239123_2356eda512_k.jpg20170825_131346 by Me, on Flickr


36656224011_5163fbd94f_k.jpg20170825_131334 by Me, on Flickr


The day before there were three, and there's a tell-tale bald spot where it was - just around the corner, banger boys lurk...


36609686412_3326b235b1_k.jpg20170824_175637 by Me, on Flickr


36381998330_30f4682de6_k.jpg20170824_135453 by Me, on Flickr


36381994780_bec135cdd0_k.jpg20170824_135526 by Me, on Flickr


One of several busses I spotted the same day, and like the split I couldn't get a photo of, a no rear window rarity.


36381988490_aa1067d443_k.jpg20170824_121737 by Me, on Flickr


35944453764_7ec81542d5_k.jpg20170824_121548 by Me, on Flickr


Grandad tries to escape


36375494190_a9bf4994d2_k.jpg20170824_093348 by Me, on Flickr

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36138750333_880934fa9b_k.jpg20170831_175035 by Me, on Flickr


36862166961_7d92c3754e_k.jpg20170903_115125 by Me, on Flickr


36848900762_802ed63df7_k.jpg20170904_113529 by Me, on Flickr


36879388571_86f1069d95_k.jpg20170904_113548 by Me, on Flickr


36898143072_cf5fce7d1c_k.jpg20170906_183601 by Me, on Flickr


36899677772_85a7502cad_k.jpg20170906_193606 by Me, on Flickr


36899683452_e662a7f1f4_k.jpg20170906_193635 by Me, on Flickr


36928700661_c292fad637_k.jpg20170906_193723 by Me, on Flickr


36245365844_691202e556_k.jpg20170907_083437 by Me, on Flickr


36251191484_ba8de6cb1e_k.jpg20170907_165343 by Me, on Flickr


36690129950_5771dbb0ec_k.jpg20170907_165357 by Me, on Flickr


36264939214_43adcaf16d_k.jpg20170908_084001 by Me, on Flickr


36911761336_9153e6474c_k.jpg20170908_084043 by Me, on Flickr

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Yugo in the wild! (dashcam capture)


38067365581_a07e27d5af_z.jpgYugo2 by Me, on Flickr


Aldi Saab and Fiesta Ghia


24214571918_c10d09b6fd_k.jpg20171031_152242 by Me, on Flickr


37357591854_0f3fad5cb2_k.jpg20171031_152110 by Me, on Flickr


Yank with 3/4 of a V8


38036063772_bff2b004e5_k.jpg20171031_124405 by Me, on Flickr


Very pink bus


38013845766_09b8a8c0f6_k.jpg20171031_121515 by Me, on Flickr


Shy Victor and bashful Gimp


24214549378_c3f9184888_k.jpg20171031_124701 by Me, on Flickr


38013874606_14b68b50b4_k.jpg20171031_125201 by Me, on Flickr

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Some spottings from the Fatherland;


24516533018_3f4665fdd9_k.jpg20171113_131936 by Me, on Flickr


26610779699_3c18aaf550_k.jpg20171113_103310 by Me, on Flickr


38331784886_73d9458b84_k.jpg20171113_103204 by Me, on Flickr


37670158274_57e493f340_k.jpg20171113_100538 by Me, on Flickr


38313501726_b44499b8e8_k.jpg20171112_154157 by Me, on Flickr


38337551362_86a33b9767_k.jpg20171112_154536 by Me, on Flickr


24497496508_6c29638235_k.jpg20171112_083206 by Me, on Flickr

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27010291739_c9847cbf43_k.jpg20171202_142046 by RS, on Flickr


24912589078_9c7191e7ec_k.jpg20171202_130925 by RS, on Flickr


This one...wow. Apparently it's been in this spot a while! Last MoT'd in 2013...at 491 miles.


24912595098_a3e2db6f0a_k.jpg20171202_141434 by RS, on Flickr


37899561965_d193ce7353_k.jpg20171202_141524 by RS, on Flickr


23921062577_f9ae3aab4c_k.jpg20171202_141530 by RS, on Flickr

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