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I have mentioned this before but we are booked on to the Knockhill trcak day on 3rd July. http://trackdays.knockhill.com/hot-hatch-car-trackday-july3


It is a hot hatch day so we are taking the Starlet - as what could be hottier and hatchier. The day is also german day so I imagine there will be one or two golfs!


Anyone else fancy it?

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Cool. I am waiting on one other person.  


If she comes then we will take the Starlet and the Swift - will then have two spare seats if people fancy it.

Alternatively if she doesn't we will just take the starlet so will be full to capacity. 

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The roffle swift will be Bucketer, 320touring and Supernaut.


The starlet will be The Moog, Craig and carol.


Will get it booked and paid for, then pm you.


Brakes are going to be changed on swift this weekend including new fluid, and will get the spare tyre sorted.

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If 17-Coffees sees this thread he may be interested, but might bring one of his fleet. Who knows.


It's time...



Been hustled down the back roads up Deeside, Glenshee and Applecross/Shieldaig, as well as down the strip a number of times at Crail. The Time is now! 

Will do the rear pads and see how it feel's braking from speed, felt off last weekend. Will also check the front tyres again (Rears were changed last year). All the major stuff was done at the end of April(Service, timing, etc) 


I'll decide on the day though! If It's pouring with rain I won't bother coming on track (Hate wet track days) and it's currently the only I have on the road.

I'll provide my own fuel as well, as well as helmet! 


So I'll be there, be it for the Banter or Track time. :D

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It best do .... it is my steed back to the land of Accrington



Just to clarify the £50 is for those in starlet/notsoswift for track.

I'm just joshing lad!wouldn't rag fuck oot it as its not my car, nor is it a hire car.


so we have any way to video/laptime?be interested to see what it does:)

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so we have any way to video/laptime?be interested to see what it does:)


I have a camera for video, no need for a mount or owt as I've got pretty proficient at one-handed driving whilst filming this week, admittedly only off-roading at 10mph but I can't see it being much different.

Also, I have a calendar for measuring laptimes.

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I'm just joshing lad!wouldn't rag fuck oot it as its not my car, nor is it a hire car.


so we have any way to video/laptime?be interested to see what it does:)

To be fair as long as one of the cars is still working at the end, jobs a goodun!


Might borrow your lift 320 to do the starlets gearbox oil before the off.

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goodbthing with wet trackdays is limited tyre wear


That is true, but my past experiences with Track days have all been in the wet, and meant I've not been pushing it! Nerves due to the weather, being the slowest car there in every way (Causing a train effect at points) and hoping to god that I don't crash!


Doubt I'd be out every session, more want to say "I've tracked a luxo-barge" and have a laugh! :D

Also would mean you someone can save a quid on a session and borrow my helmet as well! 

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Seen that it's not just a trackday, but also a "VAG & German Day"...


I'm going to guess there will be less track time than normal due to the drag & drift events, as well as alot of #yolo # swag type chavs going about. 


Hopefully going to still make it along, but won't be taking the car on track sadly.

With the work due on the Abarth (blame Bambi) I'm wanting to save a few quid where needed.  :?

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      The annual Chumley meet up is but a mere 2 1/2 months away... 
      Last years line up... 

      Chumley always brings highlights like the year we pushed Huggy into the ring! 

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      If you're browsing this thread for the ver' first time and want to get straight into the meat 'n' potatoes, as it were, then here's the links to all the Nordie Shiters' Terrible Terrible Car Auction Event Write-ups, with Datsuncog as your ever-enthusiastic compere de merde.

      Wednesday 8th August 2018

      Wednesday 12th September 2018

      Wednesday 3rd October 2018

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      Wednesday 16th January 2019
      Wednesday 29 May 2019 DAMP SQUIB M9


      Righto, shite fans of Norn Iron,

      A suggestion has been put forth that a mini-meet of sorts could be arranged for those of us perched atop this enchanted rock, to strengthen bonds and ogle at terrible, terrible cars about to be inflicted on some other poor bugger.

      Venue is: Ballyclare Car Auctions, Dennison Industrial Estate, Ballyclare BT39 9EB


      Date is: Wednesday 8th August 2018, from 7pm onward


      Deep-fried items of varying degrees of danger are, apparently, available onsite for those who wish to test the strength of their stomach and other major organs.

      So pop along, in whatever vehicle you fancy, for a bit of craic and to participate in the ever-popular Crispiest Wheelarch Spotting Competition.

      I'll be there, I believe The_Equalizer will be there, and a few other expressions of interest have been indicated from local shiters.

      I may even be wearing my newly-arrived Autoshite t-shirt (courtesy of FilthyJohn) to aid recognition.

      Drop a line below if you reckon you fancy coming along!

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      As per the title really... 
      Who from the beige is off to the Citroen Centenary this weekend? 
      Myself, the good lady and of course Daisy-Vera shall be in attendance Friday/Saturday/Sunday. 
      See you there??? 
      All Citroen owners welcome, club members or not! 
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