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Alfa isn't that bad. Needs a good clean.


Cruised back to Accrington at 80 no problems. And no wheels fell off.


Good day but knackered now.

Especially glad that the left rear didn't fall off as I was the calibrated torque wrench that was used!

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Quick write up of the day:


Arrived at Knockhill at about 8:20 and realised I had no idea of The Moogs surname, as we were pre-booked this could have been a slight issue but there was a certain blue Xantia two cars ahead so when I pulled up I said 'I'm with them' and got waved through. 

Pulled up and greetings were made. 

We eventually found the signing on area and had the drivers meeting with about 100,000 people in the smallest room known to man.


The two track steeds were made ready and taken round to the track side.

Supernaut was driver in the mighty silver dream machine first and I was shotgun. Having never met him before I soon settled into the relaxed passenger ride discovering the Alfa seats were not as supportive as hoped when going down the corkscrew at about what felt like 100.

A fair bit of understear was experienced and a good amount of 'spotting' all the very fast things coming from behind was done.


After a good long wait, due to lots of cars expiring and dropping all the oil in the world on track, it was my go.

Our third driver was shotgun, the only female driver on the day, and off we set. Having driven the Alfa for about 100 yards before getting on track I think it went well. Obviously getting to know the track and not getting in the way of everyone else too much was an issue but much fun was had. I think 'clarks' corner was taken a little too fast at least a couple of times.

The highlight of this run was approaching the main straight and having the Super Starlet in sight to be lapped, this was then dashed by the flag to end the laps!


More cars then expired and the next run was to be after lunch. This delay was making Carol very uneasy and she decided to only go out as a passenger, we obviously were having none of this and encouraged bullied her into going out in the driving seat. This ended up in improving each lap and the flag coming out when a car went off onto the gravel and had wheels pointing the wrong way!


Next up was Supernaut again with 17-coffees as shotgun, smiles were on faces when they came back :)


My go again with Carol shotgun and Will was piloting the Starlet, I was really pushing it and was getting nowhere near the starlet this time so Will must have been really living on the edge! 

Last run out was Carol with Supernaut shotgun and Bucketeer driving the Starlet with Will for encouragement.

There were only 5 or 6 cars out this time and Bucketeer did an amazingly consistent set of runs at about 1:21 with only one lap where they were 1:25 because of traffic. Supernaut was very envious of the clear track and lack of idiots (one in particular who probably should have been black flagged for being and arse) but that is the luck of the draw.


Overall:  loads/10

Would I recommend:  hell yeah.

Would I go again:  see answer above :)


Massive thanks to Will for being daft enough to let some random strangers thrash the hell out of his daily driver.

Excellent to meet some more random strangers from the internet.

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More Shiters should do track days (or if you're as stupid as me - go into hillclimbing and sprinting). No matter what you drive, nothing beats the chance to legally cane the absolute bejesus out of a car in a motorsporty setting. The wee Starlet looked not half bad on the track either.

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Just to add to Tickmans post


First time out almost did a little wee, but once the first lap was over it turned into a sex wee. End of the first 15 minutes you could almost see the grip marks on the wheel!


I also understood why people lower and stiffen cars. Body roll was always interesting.


I only ran the starlet, but got quicker over the day. Highlight was my third lap where we had four wheel drifts and pretty much laughed throughout.


We would catch the Alfa in the twisties but it left us when accelerating up the straight.


Craig loved it although lost his confidence a bit when cut up by the type R prick who decided that rules didn't apply to him.


Bucketeer only had one run due to circumstances but was quick from the off, a clear circuit helping.


Annoyingly the tannoy guy had a massive moan about old cars dropping oil on the track and how clunkers should take it easy. This was because a prepped xr2 had gone bang.


Never mind all the newer cars that also dropped their little pressies everywhere.


Uploading videos of laps to YouTube but honestly just for posterity unless you are that bored.




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it sounds like you had a great day out, I'm rather jealous that I was stuck at work all day and couldn't come play.


there's nothing quite like the leap of faith it takes the first time you approach Duffus dip at speed, what a buzz when you get it just right :)

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Looks like I am going only have the starlet available for this.


The space runner is as far from a track car as possible.


Would happily chuck some money in the pot if we can find something suitable to bring along.


Might just get some more polo tickets do that can come along.

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      The annual Chumley meet up is but a mere 2 1/2 months away... 
      Last years line up... 

      Chumley always brings highlights like the year we pushed Huggy into the ring! 

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      So to the second of the weekend's shows. Stony Stratford is only 5 miles from Yardley Gobion so a lot of the same cars turned up but there was still plenty else to see, if not quite as manically busy as the New Year's Day event in the same place. Zel has already covered this event in his thread so I'll try to avoid duplicating his photos.
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    • By Datsuncog

      If you're browsing this thread for the ver' first time and want to get straight into the meat 'n' potatoes, as it were, then here's the links to all the Nordie Shiters' Terrible Terrible Car Auction Event Write-ups, with Datsuncog as your ever-enthusiastic compere de merde.

      Wednesday 8th August 2018

      Wednesday 12th September 2018

      Wednesday 3rd October 2018

      Wednesday 5th December 2018

      Wednesday 16th January 2019
      Wednesday 29 May 2019 DAMP SQUIB M9


      Righto, shite fans of Norn Iron,

      A suggestion has been put forth that a mini-meet of sorts could be arranged for those of us perched atop this enchanted rock, to strengthen bonds and ogle at terrible, terrible cars about to be inflicted on some other poor bugger.

      Venue is: Ballyclare Car Auctions, Dennison Industrial Estate, Ballyclare BT39 9EB


      Date is: Wednesday 8th August 2018, from 7pm onward


      Deep-fried items of varying degrees of danger are, apparently, available onsite for those who wish to test the strength of their stomach and other major organs.

      So pop along, in whatever vehicle you fancy, for a bit of craic and to participate in the ever-popular Crispiest Wheelarch Spotting Competition.

      I'll be there, I believe The_Equalizer will be there, and a few other expressions of interest have been indicated from local shiters.

      I may even be wearing my newly-arrived Autoshite t-shirt (courtesy of FilthyJohn) to aid recognition.

      Drop a line below if you reckon you fancy coming along!

    • By brownnova
      As per the title really... 
      Who from the beige is off to the Citroen Centenary this weekend? 
      Myself, the good lady and of course Daisy-Vera shall be in attendance Friday/Saturday/Sunday. 
      See you there??? 
      All Citroen owners welcome, club members or not! 
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