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'93 Mondy thread - K reg base 4 sale (not mine)


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I reckon you've absolutely nailed it buying this, it's an ace looking car for a proper bargain price. In fact, I'll stick my neck out and say these are the best looking Mondeos they ever made.

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Cheers greengartside - nice brochure find. I don't reckon it has ABS then - Ford's vehicle lookup on the Etis system doesn't mention it.


Alex - I noticed there were 4-5 bidders in all.


The collection has just got a whole lot easier - seller can now drive the car to Faversham tomorrow - so I just have to nip a couple of stops up the train line to get it in the morning. Should just be at cost of petrol. Fingers crossed.

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I've posted this elsewhere I think, but when we went to RoI a loooong time ago in SnrYoof's Senator, it decided to break down, and our replacement vehicle was a (brand new at the time) 1.6 Mondeo saloon.


I thought it was an interesting change of scenery. SnrYoof wasn't able to get his head around a manual 'box or having 120hp less than he had the day before.

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Good bits:


Ride quality is good, 

Pulls well enough considering engine size

Seats are comfy

Love the giffer-ness of it

Dealer stamps in the service book




Oil leak - probably rocker cover gasket, bit of a smell of oil in the cabin - can see leak in the pic.

Steering a little vague around the straight ahead - a bit worrying as you increase speed, a bit of play in it. Also a bit heavy at low speeds. Tyre pressures checked so not that.

Constantly flickering on and off air bag light

No documentary evidence of timing belt change!


Early niggles:


Have to get those French looking yellow lights sorted

drivers wing mirror manual adjuster broken (can't adjust mirror to right height yet)

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