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Outlaw fleet update page 4 June 21 One in one out

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Mrs has gone to work in teh Kia, the Capri is still sulking, un-taxed, not mot'd and pissing coolant, can't use the van for personal use, Junior at work in the Focus.


It's big vans an'all.


I'm currently searching for my toolkit (BFO hammer and chisel) to have a look at the starter motor see if it's just a poor connection or it needs replacement.

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Alfa is now fixed, another £250 odd up my shirt, new starter motor fitted.

Only one job really left now, one of the wheel bearings is grumbling, it's been doing it a while, but other issues have been deemed in more urgent need of open wallet surgery.


Been away for the weekend, and SWMBO is finding it increasingly difficult to get in an out of the back or front seats, due to OMGNEEPHAIL (she's got no cartiledge in her left knee and not much left in her right). It's forced our hand into getting her a badermatic, but now it's going to influence my choice of steed.


I'm thinking Volvo XC90 as it's a bit higher than a normal car.... but is it too high? Madam is only 5ft tall......But if so a V70 will do ok too.


As some will recall I had a V40 T4 a couple of cars ago, and miss it, so I'm very much leaning towards a Moose again.


Anything I should know about the XC90 or V70? Pez or Dizz? Manuel(sp) or Bader?


Or should I get something else? Budget will be Alfa + £3k, maybe a smidgen moar 


Anyone interested in the Alfa? Might Roffle....

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Just been outbid on this mofo.... hardly surprising, but thought it was worth a punt @ £3333.33....realistically i'm looking at 2004/5/6 but....


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Found an XC90 that looks OK, and is fairly local.


Anyone fancy taking The Alfa Of Much Lovliness off my hands? 161k miles, but runs like a fish


Good bits:


Goes like feck

Is lovely (with a polish)

Good on juice if you behave

Big history file

Recent starter motor, turbo pipe, NSF wheel bearing, Bosch battery oil and filter change

Nice stereo with line-in socket for your mp3 etc (will come with original stereo, connects with CD multichanger)

Towbar - only used to tow a smoll trailer to the tip for the last (nearly) 3 years


Bad bits


Needs other wheel bearing

Stonechips on front 

Passenger side skirt missing end

Rear bumper marked

Hi-Level brakelight doesn't work and appears to have been fixed* with Araldie (or similar)

I still haven't fixed the rear wiper


Anybody want to make me an offer, circa £1000? Or am I being optimistic..... Might roffle.....

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Just left a deposit on an XC90 , SWMBO approved and everything, so Alfa needs to go.


Make me an offer, but don't take the piss OBVS, been offered £160 by WBAC, but that ain't happening, couple of blokes on the FB Alfa forum were talking in terms of £5-700.


Car in Grays, Essex near M25.



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I’d stick two down on a roffle for that,despite the boosts goodness of my SAAB, I’m missing my 147.


My SAAB has its issues but they seem all grown up and serious compared to the frivolous errors and alarms the 147 would shit out the display at me, largely based on the prevailing wind condition or other random factors.

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When I had my 75, I noticed that they'd obviously thought of such an eventuality, as this was the bank of warning lights:




Not only was there a warning light to tell you that the warning lights were not working correctly (2nd from right on bottom), the top button (marked ALFA ROMEO CONTROL) would turn off the master warning light if you believed it was spurious...

How often does the STOP , stripper with pasties light come on

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Last mot (155703 miles) had oil change, supply and fit rear brake caliper, rear brake pads, CV gaiter, reset airbag light, supply and fit 2 x rear tyres 215/45/17.... £491.12

Aircon regassed and anti-bacterial treatment 7/7/17

NSF Wheel bearing done @ 144819 miles 17/6/16

New battery and NSF wishbone @ 153928miles 12/7/17

New starter motor two weeks ago £270 odd, New boost pipe 9/8/18 £233

New clutch, DMF, clutch slave @ 133371 miles 6/2/15

Belt & tensioner 133789miles 23/2/15

O/s front suspension arm and droplink @ 139246 13/8/15

New turbo fitted with MAP sensor  22/6/12


Lots of old MoT's original handbooks.


I would have no hesitation jumping in and driving to Devon, Scotchland or wherever.


As mentioned previously the only job at this point ios a noisy offside front wheelbearing - it's not that old (there's a bill in the folder) but apparently they're quite hard on them - They All Do That Sir.


I'm trying to be 100% honest, there's bound to be something I've forgotten.....

EDIT: Sometimes it syas there's no oil.... there is, it's done it about 4 times in the nigh-on three years I've had her, as confirmed by Mr Stripped-Fred, it's a cheap fix, but neither of us could be arsed. It doesn't go into limp mode or owt.


Alledgedly it's been chipped to 200 gee gees, but I can't find antything in the file.

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Well bought Bramz7. Worth cleaning the map sensor. That's what I did when I first got it and it helped with the smoke under acceleration. It has been remapped. I remember seeing the invoice somewhere. I think he said 210bhp but I didn't believe that.


I travelled from Leicester to somewhere in Norfolk, if I remember correctly. Dark night, raining and I had no negotiating power as he knew I needed to get home. He had spent a lot of money on it and I think the relationship had soured. I enjoyed owning it. The ride is a bit firm and this was wearing after a while but I am getting older now. Lovely interior.


I hope you enjoy the car. It does go well, lots of torque, and it felt a bit different to the usual. Just watch the lack of steering lock in a small car park as this can be a bit embarrassing!

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  • outlaw118 changed the title to Outlaw fleet update page 3

Ermergerd update!!

So, I've had Megamoose about 2 years now, time flies when you're having fun.....

She's a 2005 XC90 D5 Executive, so has full black cow, DVD player with screens in the front seat headrests, 6 CD milky-changer, Badermatic. Bought from the first owner at a little over what I wanted to pay; but there's full history, and low miles, and it was in really good nick. Given that I was planning on keeping her for a long time I thought the extra investment was worth it. Jobs that needed doing....well, none really. The side steps were a bit flaky and letting the overall look of the car down a bit, so I whipped them off and got them powder coated, £140 the pair.

The wheels were too small, so when I got a generous donation from my nan for my birthday I sourced a set of 19" Vulcanis (R-spec) rims with tyres and had a lovely road trip to Doncaster.

Nothing else to report during the first year, it had a couple of trips to Devon, couple to Cannock all undertaken with consummate ease.

I also went "green laning" with Micro_Outlaw, who absolutely loves the car.




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This year has seen little to report; I had a towbar fitted in June in preparation for a holiday that didn't happen - Fatha_Outlaw has a mobility scooter that he uses, and the plan was to stick it in the trailer as Mutha_Outlaw's holiday packing involves taking far too much stuff.


However, instead of holidaying, Moose has been pressed into service as a removal van. As mentioned elsewhere when lockdown happened Outlaw_Junior had to move out of his flat due to his landlady not playing fair re: furlough etc, so the contents of his flat were deposited in my garage. With the seats folded it'll take a king size mattress, a 3 seater settee (not at the same time) and 3 flat pack wardrobes...pretty much anything.

He bought a caravan which thankfully one of his workmates set up for him, and that was that.

Until about 3 weeks ago when the site he was on closed, and we had to move. I'd got a roof box by this time, and we shifted everything in one go, caravan, awning, fridge, freezer and all the other shizz between Moose and his Focus. 

Proper job!



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Knew I'd forget something......

Last autumn/winter I became aware of damp....you know, windows steaming up quickly, odd smell..... so I ignored it for weeks.

I bit the bullet and investigated after hearing sloshing noises coming from the front somewhere, couldn't islolate it without taking stuff apart, so after consulting the XC owners club on Facebook, i came to the conclusion that it's probably the windscreen scuttle drain.

So, removed the wipers, and then was confronted by those poxy plastic screw things, that either becomce brittle and break as soon as you look at them, or ping off never to be seen again. Undid/broke/lost them all, and indeed there was water sloshing about, so armed with an unfolded wire coat hanger I found the drain tube and poked until the water went away, depositing about half a pound of leaf mulch onto the driveway.

Refitting is the opposite to removal OBVS, except I've lost about 4 of the plastic screwy bastards. I improvised using various odds and sods from "stock"....

Then I started pulling the passenger side carpet up.... fuck me, not only does this car have leather seats and cruise control, it appears to have a pond too!

I've got a Karcher WD vacuum, and I sucked out about 7 gallons in the end - 1.5 ish 5 gallon buckets! Now to formulate a plan.....

I bent the carpet back, set the heater on full, and did 2 laps of the M25.

That didn't really make a whole lot of difference, so I parked her up, stuck a fan heater and a dehumidifier in and went to bed.

Over the next three nights I was backwards and forwards emptying the dehumidifier, until everything was dry.

What fun!

I would recommend anyone to check the drains on the scuttle, its a massive PITA getting rid of damp, especially for the sake of 15 minutes work.

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So, what's been spent?

I stuck two tyres on the old 18" wheels (which are fork sail on the bay), Fuldas or Falkens, can't remember which, but they were about £90 each. 

Changed the front arm bushes and subframe bushes with Powerflex one, £220 IIRC plus a bit of labour as I was under strict instructions from my Neurologist not to be doing anything strenuous....

Got a K & N 57i kit (gift) which took me about ten minutes to fit, and a couple of bulbs. And the aforementioned change to FAT RIMZ and the powdercoating.

The way I see it I've only spent £££ on consumables really, yeah I didn't need to put Powerflex bushes on it, but hopefully they'll never need doing again.


So as a postscript to all this, Moose had her first (under my ownership) FTP this afternoon. 

The battery just didn't have enough juice to fire her up; last ran Monday, but that was only round the corner for the MoT (passed), so probably could do with a run. It's a Volvo branded battery, and quite sizeable, so if that's fucked, then so is my plan of saving a few quid this month....

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  • outlaw118 changed the title to Outlaw fleet update page 4 June 21 One in one out

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