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Stondon at Leominster

messerschmitt owner

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It starts at 12 (viewing from 9) - entry is by catalogue - £20 - admits two - handy, eh! PM me and I'll send the mobile number so I can get you at the gate and drag you in for nowt. Just don't bring the 'dub'. I have bad memories of it parked outside my front door lowering the tone of the neighbourhood even more than I did!

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I will be there and I am staying tonight at Kingsland nearby.


I have viewed this afternoon and the quality of most cars is low so I am not sure what to go for. I don't mine a car that needs a bit of paint or a mech repair but everything is too much for me. I have enough project cars to last a lifetime. 


I look forward to meeting up tomorrow.

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I think I will leave it, £20 for a catalogue for a load of non Mot'd shite is a lot, and realistically the only two I would have been interested in are the Marina and Hunter.


But I do have the day off work, and if I wake up early I will probably go along.....

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