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Stondon at Leominster

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Anyone fancy opening a museum somewhere cheap for six months, filling it with undesirable old shite in knackered condition, operating as a tax loss, hyping up the closure after we've milked the benefits of tax loss and selling the wrecks (oops, classics) in a no reserve auction we manage to publicise well?

The only flaw in this plan is that I'm not sure any of us make enough money to require a tax loss envelope otherwise I'm in. I have plenty of automobilia for the walls and can provide some currently unusable cars. I am happy to take on the catering concession as in my clearout I have discovered enough crockery to open a small café and can be trusted with a kettle and heating up Fray Bentos pies.

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Aye that would be a shame.

We went, with trailer, came home empty handed.

The Scout, Dafs, Trabant, Escort camper, replica Benz, 2002 and P5 all went to the same buyer on Anglesey and were for sale the same evening.

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The £1300 regal van is already on eBay for £4000 with added stickers....

The Fox was in pretty decent condition,only c.500 were made with maybe 40 or so left on the road,so although high end it wasn't daft.

The invacars were possibly the best original ones left,and I'm certain a serial carriage collector in the states will have snaffled those two.

Bond had a transferable plate,nuff said

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I briefly looked at the live hammer prices while the auction was on and thought most seemed to be very expensive. Mind you, any car over £350 is too much for me. I suspect many of them will become like those ebay orphans; lovely old things that just get punted around from one speculator to the next and always for too much money, each one paying more than their real worth because they're buying 'an investment'.

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Anybody know the result for the Hillman Hunter






Unfortunately (fortunately?) that's unravelling in real time on the bay of E
Time left: 7d 20h
24 bids @ £805
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