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Least significant automotive development(s)


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"Talking" (bollocks) cars


Seatbelt interlocks which prevented the car from starting unless the belts were fastened.


TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)--Gubbermint-mandated roobish.


Planned obsolescence


Gullwing doors


Landau tops


Ford's "Lubed for Life" bearings. For that "whorehouse piano accompaniment" sound.






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The Renault Laguna credit card key (which never works) or those stupid start buttons as found in BMW minis which you press after inserting the key I find a key works fine and is less hassle.


Also stop start technology if I want to cut my engine out I can turn it off myself.

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MR2 mot'd yesterday. Passed. Just. Handbrake (disc) marginal.

In the waiting room reading a mechanics trade journal I learn that Passats of this century have "electronic steering lock" and that a fault in this is a common cause of failiure to proceed.


The fix?


Replace assembly and submit to VAG for re-programmeing.


F.F.S.! Volkswagen were once admired for their reliability through simplicity philosophy.


Even more wank than electrified parking brakes.

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