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Lazy spotters thread


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Not sure if this counts as shite, but might tickle the fancy of some of the Yank car lickers.

I was at one of our suppliers in Bexley, and this pulls up, had a chat with the owner.  It has a 5.7 L V8, and it sounds very meaty!  His plan is to kit it out in the back and use it as a day van. 

The paintwork wears it's years well, marks and scratches show that it's had a real life.

Thanks to Haydn for the photo, like a plum I had left my phone in the office.


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3 minutes ago, Zelandeth said:

Wow... that's a bloody early Merc T1...Was only launched in 1978.

what really breaks my brain is how it looks just like yours from 1990!

I thought to myself when I the post a couple days ago "surely thats a private plate" but nope genuine 1978 vehicle!

they really changed nothing major did they! (but at the same time I really would not have thought the design was old as the 1970's!)

Even Lada's got more styling updates LOL

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Nope, there really isn't much to tell apart a 78 or 93 van - only tell is the really early ones had the indicator repeaters higher up on the wing mounted the other way around compared to the later ones - or didn't have them fitted in some cases at all.

The only other detail I'm aware of is that some of the very last one had a horrible looking plastic moulded top on the gear lever, not sure when that came in though.

Was definitely a case of "if it ain't broke don't fix it."

Everything between the wheels remained unchanged on the heavier version way longer....the nose and tail got updated and it got a new instrument panel...but the van was still basically unchanged!

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On 5/20/2021 at 10:15 PM, barrett said:

Blimey! Two Athenas. I think there are only two on the road. Is that a recent pic?

Yeah, I took it an hour or so before posting on here. They're living near the Surrey/Hampshire border.

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So these waz spotted at Eastbourne's Magificent Motors event last weekend:

Parked up outside, wonder why is wasn't let in?958579154_MM210.thumb.jpg.8688853a232180970707134bc20f3709.jpg

Honda on guard duty at the entrance, owned by a pal of mine.


Much adoration here


Something for everyone


Ready for work


More Brits


Staggering display


For the steam lickers




I saw this on the road on Saturday evening, the Land Rover at the back of the train on that A-frame, with a guy sitting on it's bonnet.


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