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It was one of the countless vernacular kitsch buildings along Route 66.

Allegedly it was notoriously difficult to photograph, hence this slightly enhanced effort.


Note the spelling mistake! But not quite, apparently it was originally called the Iceberg Café, but it was changed to Iceburg at some point. It was built in 1931 selling frozen custard. The business went bust in a year (quelle surprise), it was bought out and they extended their range a bit. It was moved to two new locations before being demolished in the late 60's/early 70's.


More info here - https://highshrink.com/2017/07/16/route-66-iceberg-cafe-albuquerque/



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Did we have a postcard of Piccadilly Circus yet?




Late plate madness on the Mk1 Mini, there......F came out in Aug 67 (the year that they changed the new plate date from Jan 1st to Aug 1st, shortening the reign of poor old "E") 


Mk2 Minis came out that October making F plate Mk1s fairly scarce.    Ish.

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