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Shite in Miniature II

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For sale two Norev Peugeot 404's.


Light blue: no sunroof, crack in front of roof, base is loose (but could be glued on) hence rivets heads are not in place

Turquoise: no sunroof, lot's of silver paint.


Both have chips to front number plate.


Early 60's models probably.


£10 the pair posted.


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Great write-up on the Corgi R11.


I got hold of the blue version at a reasonable price a while back:



Corgi Ford Sierra and Renault 11 by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr


I think the white painted front plate was done by a previous owner, but what is curious is that mine does have a diamond in the grille. It's not just painted, there is a definite moulded-in shape.


I didn't have the wheels set in the right place when I took my photo, which spoils the look of it slightly, but overall I like the appearance and feel of it which I think neatly captures the real thing and reminds me of the day I assisted in an AS collection mission of the past:



1983 Renault 11 3dr + 1984/85 Honda Accord 1.8 3dr by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr

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My kids have one of the archetypal yellow Tonka trucks. I know this as it’s perpetually on the landing ready for me to break my neck on during the night when I get up for a slash.


I remember having one myself and it being rusty as fuck after many trips to Mablethorpe. I can remember my dad trying to treat it with some Fernox.

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Remember those Airfix kits Aldi had a few months back? As I hadn't built a plastic kit for a while for the sake of £3.99 I invested in a Jeep to practice on. I'm no fan of olive drab so I ignored the suggested colour scheme to make a bright civilian one. Behold 'Jeep Purple'.



Jeep Purple by Adam Floyd, on Flickr



Cheap Jeep by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Quite a fiddly little kit with some small details that needed careful preparation but it looks great and compares well with the ready-made Cararama diecast.


Jeep comparison by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

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noooooooooo that fiesta was a limited edition, my mate has the 12inch to the foot version... i would have given 20 quid for that, hardly any on ebay

Even more limited now then !!

No problem   :-D I've  got  2 more ,you can have one for £20 posted if they're so desirable .  


I sent Steve ( with the 12" to the foot one ) all the period press cuttings from Motoring News ... or did he sell it ?



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Been working on some offroad projects today.  Interestingly, the roof on the Land Rover is slightly concave so happily I didn't have to spend quite as long filing it smooth as I might and can use filler instead.  I don't have (or like) the luggage that normally goes on top and this one has the tow hook broken off, so it made sense to smooth it out a bit.  The Field Car had a stoved in roof and was missing the spare tyre, so I decided since I've got loads of the things that it would be fun to chop the roof off and file away the spare wheel carrier.  It was not fun, I managed to slip and slice into my finger with the saw and that spare tyre holder is taking ages to remove.



Need to do some more cleaning on the interior of the mobile canteen.  It's remarkable to me that they went to such great lengths on the interior of this model because when it's put together you can't really see any of it that well.  I'll be keeping the interior white with metal detailing to maximise the light bouncing around inside and hopefully make those details a bit easier to see.



These three got their base colours down.  I'm really happy with the colours on the DAF, that will be getting a white grille, as per just about every photo of the real thing I've seen.  I don't have the top for the tipper back on the DAF and I'm in two minds about ordering one and painting it to match.  The Commer I decided to go with a base of bright orange and it will get some other colours and details to make it look more right.  I got to the point with the Commer where I could either be satisfied with the filler work, or start again from scratch, so the orange helps hide the bits I'm less happy about.  The Ferrari I'm really glad I switched to yellow for, especially with the white base, once it has the black detailing on it should look pretty smart.



I've got a MYSTERY BOX arriving from Datsuncog and I recently acquired a badly described joblot on eBay that appears to have a Scammel Scarab in which, for the price, I'm quite excited about.  For some reason, the Scarab models are both difficult to find and expensive for what they are.

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New arrivals time.  First up, the stuff from TheDoctor which contained a couple of surprises and fills some gaps in the collection.


Mod Rod is one of those I like, for some reason it's also one I've had trouble finding a decent example of.  This one is satisfyingly complete and a good refurb candidate.



Another favourite, and another one that I've had trouble acquiring, is Vantastic.  This is the first time I've had one in my hand and it looks like I could splice the front end of a Boss Mustang on fairly easily since it seems to be based on that casting, which would give me an opening bonnet and detailed engine bay which could look pretty neat.



The Scaffolding truck is *always* bashed about. I'm yet to see an example that looks any better than this.  It wasn't in the collection, so it's nice to have an example to work with.  I'll have to see if one of my other trucks has a similar enough glass to replace this damaged one.



Superfast era Cattle Truck is, with the exception of the crack in the windscreen and the missing mudflaps, in excellent shape.  I won't be doing anything with this one.



There were a couple of others too, but those were the ones that seemed most interesting to share.

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The other items of note came from eBay.  The parcel they arrived in consisted of a single sheet of cardboard with so little brown tape you'd think it was rationed.  There was a hole big enough for everything to fall out and somehow, nothing did.  Address was also in green biro, which was barely legible.  Massive props to Royal Mail for delivering this without any of the contents getting smashed up or lost in transit, a small miracle.


The reason for bidding on this lot, which was a tenner, was the smallest item in the whole parcel; the Mechanical Horse.  Scammel's three-wheeled goods tractor that they called the Scarab.  It's one of my favourite real life vehicles and one which I've been finding impossible to get hold of affordably so to get one in this job lot has made me very happy indeed.  It is missing the trailer, which is a shame, but is otherwise complete and even still sporting some of the original gold paint detailing.



Also in there was the Bedford Low Loader trailer.  I can find the tractor units for his fairly easily and have never got around to acquiring one, the trailer was proving more difficult, so that's another good score.



There were a number of broken Weatherill Hydraulics, two early grey wheel examples and a later black wheel one.  There was also a Caterpillar with no front shovel or tracks, and this sorry looking Bedford Compressor Truck that's had the front axle smashed clean off.  I can probably repair the Bedford with spare parts I already have.



Another vehicle I've been after and kept missing out was the Thames Trader Compressor, also in this lot.  It's in pretty good shape just needing a repaint and the front axle straightening, which is easy enough on these earlier models.



Two curiosities were in with the mix, made in Hong Kong on the bottom of them and stamped 'Playart'.  They're pretty funky little things and I like them for the novelty value.  I don't know what cars they're supposed to be and it doesn't really matter, they're just kinda neat.





Finally, the real miracle in this parcel.  Somehow, against all the odds, this Lone Star Dodge Dart survived unscathed.  Everything is there, the windscreen, the driver, the towbar... how this survived the journey with no packaging and a hole in the parcel big enough for it to fall out I really don't know.



This, with personal details censored for obvious reasons, is the parcel in question.  Shocking.


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True story about one of those Scarabs.....A teddy boy mate of mine had been round my house one afternoon.   A few weeks later at a "do" he pressed something into my drape pocket.   "You collect those little trucks doncha..." he said.  Nodding, I bought him a bottle of Newcastle and fished the thing out when I got home and inside the crumpled up bit of paper there was a mint Lesney Scarab!    

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Vulgalour, the red car you don't recognise by Playart, you might if it was a bit bigger, green, and had Corgi stamped under it (!).  It's the Astro1, an experimental Chevrolet from about 1969-ish.


Meanwhile, I've had a weekend away and done a bit of Buy.


I was at Donington Park for the BTCC and obviously had to look around the trade stalls.  One had several tables of "used" models, so I picked out these three, all to 1/43, for a total investment of £9.

L-R:  Chrysler Airflow San Francisco PD car; no maker's name underneath but the only Airflow I know in this scale is by Rextoys.

1968 Plymouth Fury, Detroit PD, by Dimension 4.  The front end is a bit out of shape and heavy, not by abuse but by design unfortunately.  Still, it's the first 68 Plymouth in my US copcar fleet.

Fiat 600 copcar, yes really!  Even better, it appears to be dressed as a Polish police car!  Manufacturer is ProgettoK, of whom I have heard but I don't think I've ever owned anything by them.  Until now.


So... the Airflow had no tyres on the front wheels, but I made a couple of Dinky tyres fit.  That'll do.

The Plymouth needs one of the bubblegum lights replacing as it's gone missing (not on my watch!).  I should have one suitable somewhere, haven't looked yet.

The 600 needs nothing, amazingly.  If I can make space it can go straight into the cabinet.  That's a big IF but they are all going in, one way or another.  Oh and I need to scrub the price labels off them too.  That won't take long.

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Finished a few items today, so here's some before and afters.  Not a particularly bad repaint on the Continental I just wanted to do it differently.





Ferrari turned out pretty good.  Getting the rear axle back on was a bit of a war so in future, I'll just leave the wheels on this sort of Corgi and mask them off for painting the base instead.





Finally finished the custom Commer van, which has had more ideas for the final look than perhaps any other project to date.  A special request was made to make it into a tiger van, so I did just that.





I got quite a lot of progress on things this weekend, so much so I could start some new things.  Annoyingly, I picked up the same red for the Victor as I'd used on the 1100 and turns out the 'grit' is actually coming out of the can, not being blown in from the surrounding area, so I've got to strip that one and start again.  The grey on the J2 is proving problematic too, it felt like it had hardened enough to be handled until I started handling it, and then the paint went all soft again, so that might need a repaint too.  The Impala surprised me for how realistic it looks once the chrome trim is added, and the two-tone is a colour scheme I wasn't aware of on these until today when I was looking for colours to paint it, so I'm very hopeful that this one is going to turn out really nicely.




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