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Infamous Shite in History.

warren t claim

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F424 NPE - DVLA enquiry: 



Date of Liability 01 11 2009 Date of First Registration 01 11 1988 Year of Manufacture 1988 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 3528cc CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type PETROL Export Marker N Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle Colour BLUE Vehicle Type Approval Not Available
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A hideous crime, I bet a lot of people regretted not acting that day but it happened so quickly.


This was another stunner, before my time. I recall a travel programme (might have been Michael Palin) where the Vietnamese monk's car is still in a little garage in his home town



It is.




Said monk had a good taste in cars, it's an Austin A95/A105 Westminster.

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Peter Sutcliffe's Brown Rover P6 V8 was FHY400K, but apparantly its been destroyed


just been looking for angus sibberts mk10 jaag (the murder that insired the film Get Carter) without success. I have seen a pic in a book, but google gives me nothing

I used to live across the road from Ted Lewis who wrote the book that get carter was based upon. I was a bit too young to remember him but apparently he picked a lot of the names from people who used the local pub so it was fictional rather than based on any real events. My dad knew him pretty well he was pretty famous back then even got his daugthers birthday party in the national newspapers. I was there and my Nan kept a copy of the paper but I can't remember

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