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  1. I think that may be next on the list, cheers.....
  2. Bump! Come on, let's have some offers, my mum needs to get rid of this....
  3. duly amended, about the only thing it does have is PAS, and a an airbag in the steering wheel.
  4. Come and get it while you can, this car would be suitable for an older couple or younger person who's just passed their test and who needs a VERY reliable runaround that wouldn't matter if it got scuffed etc as it already has a few light battle scars. It's my mum and dads, they no longer wish to drive as they're getting on a bit and have barely driven it since the mot in February. It has been absolutely serviced properly every year at MOT time, even though the minute mileage they did in it didn't warrant it. It does drive very well, kind of like a red dodgem car. Don't all rush me at once, it's in Bournemouth. Before anyone asks, there's no air con or central locking. The details are as follows: Nissan Micra 1.0 'Profile' Automatic. Year: 2000 PAS Odometer. Approx 35,000 miles (need to ask them for latest reading, won't be much over that) MOT: Feb 20th 2016. £550.00 OVNO. Message me if you're interested, joking aside about Micras, it is very reliable and even had a new battery fitted a little while back.
  5. For years I always noticed a scene in 'Dirty Harry' on the freeway, suddenly a Austin 1100 is present amongst the big tin barges.
  6. Apart from the fact you can't get parts for them. Make sure you have a recovery service paid for.
  7. I'd get a Lada Niva, importing in to the UK again with a guy in Kent.
  8. londonm


    You're lucky, When James Dean had his soft top sports car accident it took his head off apparently.
  9. What tontops said tragically makes sense, when I had my lovely car keyed a little while back the police gave me a number and referred to it as an envy crime. WTF? They did jack, but a mate in the cops told me years ago that if you see kids fucking about outside call the police and state what you think is happening (criminal damage, race crime etc) to jolt them in to turning up. But you've had an apparent vendetta against you before, haven't you? You must have a clue about who these scrotes are surely? At the very least I'd have a camera monitoring your wheels 24/7, but discreetly hidden so as to allow them not to put their hoods up. Cunts.
  10. Make a nice camper for someone here, with an old soiled mattress slung in the back.
  11. There is no way you will match Tahiti Blue with a rattle can, and blend it off. Where do you live? Perhaps a back street cash respray is the answer.
  12. You'll be lucky to blend, without it being noticeable. What are the repairs exactly? I would want to leave as much original paint as possible, and touch up using the 'stone chip' technique. Basically, cleaning out the dink or whatever it is, filling in with touch up paint and then levelling off with t cut whilst paint is still softish. You will never match original car paint with a rattle can, especially metallics. Keep the treated areas as small as possible.
  13. The weathered one makes me think of 'Dual' for some reason.
  14. Can you please ask them what account pays them this interest? I'd love to know.
  15. A hot tip for you, if you're going to flog it create a little photo album showing 'before and after' shots of the restoration as part of the sale. A nice looking car in a good colour, the rot has put me off these though. What's it worth do you reckon?
  16. If it's that nice, keep it original and don't Barry it.
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