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  1. I think it was called 'The mole who knew it was none of his business'.
  2. They're probably upset about society's floccinaucinihilipilification of their painted social comments.
  3. Doesn't Bergerac drive a 75 in the earlier ones?
  4. I had one of these, Mothercare used to sell them. Really thick rubber, so protects leather seats from getting dents in from the baby seat. They're wide too, so catch at least some of the food etc kids drop. They appear to be NLA, but there's a couple on eBay; collection only, presumably due to the weight-they really are heavy duty. https://picclick.co.uk/ebaysearchresults/Neat%2BSeat%2BCar%2BHeavy%2BDuty%2BRubber%2BCar
  5. This was in Westwood Cross shopping centre near Margate; it only opened in 2005!
  6. I can't compete, but my dad bought an Austin Princess 30 years ago for £80, and reminds me and my brothers of this every time we spend more than £80 on anything.
  7. Not sure if this is unintentional popular music joke, or just one no-one's laughed at?
  8. I went to a car show today. Didn't like it. I didn't like it because it was a car show. Rows and rows of Minis, Fords, Beetles and other generic samey stuff. I can no longer be bothered to trudge around all that dross to find the few interesting cars. The realisation that most car shows aren't really for me anymore made me a bit sad. A fairly big part of my life, over.
  9. Discovered yesterday that a nickname one person at work gave me has stuck, and is being widely used. From now on, I'm known as 'Sinister Dave'.
  10. I struggle to believe that someone who chose their car because the PCP payment was £149pcm and the infotainment synced with their chosen brand of telephone will, but on the other hand is that really any different from someone who chose their car 30 years ago because it fell into their company car allowance band and had an 'i' badge?
  11. This applies to any LEDs, not just tail lights, and it's because the cheapy ones have the LED chip in a different place to where the filament would be on an incandescent bulb. Technology Connections is well worth watching though.
  12. I got to 27 seconds before that dickhead became completely unbearable. Car made a nice noise though.
  13. I think DRLs are a good idea, but should be all round, not just front. Something like 70% of accidents are one car hitting another in the rear, so anything which makes you more visible at the back has to be a good thing in my view. Consequently I leave my lights on all of the time. Therefore, LED bulbs for lights which don't need an accurate pattern seems like a really good idea to me, and whilst I've been able to find half decent sidelight bulbs, I haven't had any success at all finding 'dual-filament' LEDs which work - the ones I've tried have only illuminated on the '5w' 'filament', and having two tail lights with different bulb types looks, a) odd, and 2) confusing. Has anyone found a brand that works? Reading that last paragraph back with all the quotation marks, I sound like an old codger. It could only have been made worse by prefixing the references to 'filaments' with 'so called'.
  14. Sky are making it, so obviously they've got to make it worse in order to appeal to their target demographic.
  15. Big comfy seats, a large capacity engine with more than four cylinders, and a proper (not a robotised manual) automatic gearbox. That's nice though. Fun has very different criteria.
  16. I suppose they're still very much in the 'an car' stage for most people, it just seems a real shame. It's like a stealth shite; modern looking enough to be inconspicuous, but underneath it's XUD9 or HDi, can be fixed with a hammer, and the estate looks as capacious as something like a Mk4 Astra van, only without 'being shit' (coz they all are obvs). I've been having bad thoughts about a Berlingo van, but this seems like a really sensible alternative.
  17. Why aren't there more of these left? They look modern-ish, like a mini C5, but are as simple (and presumably handle as well) as a ZX.
  18. My wife's hobby and mine, peacefully coexisting. Until she sees it, obviously.
  19. Fairly sure this is a new arrival; seen it there a few times, the other night the lights were on, so if it's not in use it's at least being played with.
  20. That, to paraphrase your own expression, is all of the sad times.
  21. I'm starting to wonder if they even care anymore, it's not a real problem unless you have an accident because of an MOT failure point, which could happen when you've got a valid certificate. No doubt they'll add it to the list of you've done other things wrong, but if no MOT is the only offence, it's probably not worth the paperwork.
  22. I really enjoy watching Chris Goffey on Top Gear. However, I can't help but feel that the 'throwing a fuse into a canal' incident was the start of (or at the very least a very early step in) the descent into the juvenile hi-jinks of New, New-New and New-New-New Top Gear.
  23. I thought your dad was strangling a little old lady.
  24. 'We' lost. Of course people are free to like stuff I don't, but this rubbish takes over everything. I'm glad it's over.
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