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  1. The hills above the town I live in. I drove up there on Monday, got my nearside wheel off the edge of the tarmac; very nearly didn't get out again.
  2. I've just had a look at the government's 'idiots guide to IR35' page, and the focus is on ensuring that a self-employed contractor is paying roughly the same tax & NI as they would it they were a direct employee. It doesn't really go into any detail about who should be considered an employee so I'm probably looking at the wrong source, but I would imagine the test would be similar.
  3. I worked in employers liability insurance, so was mainly interested in what training and PPE was provided. IR35 is to stop self-employed individuals setting themselves up as a limited company just to avoid tax/NI isn't it?
  4. My (admittedly very poor) memory of the laws on employment is that if someone tells you when, where and how to do your work, you're considered an employee.
  5. Obviously crims getting away with theft isn't a grin, but if you can escape the police in a standard moggy you deserve some recognition.
  6. The least reliable of all Golfs, it only gets you halfway there.
  7. The Readly app enables me to read magazines I wouldn't ever spend actual money on, or even risk being seen reading in WH Smith, such as the 'How It Works Book of Amazing Vehicles'. The grin is the illustration below from an article on monster trucks. The diagram is explaining how a monster truck performs a 10m high jump off of a ramp and lands on some cars. The two cars pictured are two models widely known for being very popular with Cletus Spuckler, country & western singers, and NASCAR drivers - if you haven't already guessed, obviously the facelifted Mk1 Renault Megane and an early Citroen ZX.
  8. Let's invite a load of people round, take lots of drugs, and do some art?
  9. Joe, Stephen, Mark and Paul, and Reynold, yesterday:
  10. Fucking news. I don't need to told how to feel about the news, just dispassionately present the facts.
  11. I might be a half-pissed massively unobservant bell-end, but what's the problem with that? What got past QC? Looks alright to me.
  12. When they make the lorries queue up like this at Dover, they put a policeman at the end of the road, to send back any queue jumpers. Seeing that happen is very satisfying.
  13. So sorry to hear about your dad Vince.
  14. A mug with comical explanations for various warning lights. I'll be drinking beer out of this shortly. Thanks Santa!
  15. Mine is under the tree, and the recipient of my gift has confirmed arrival. Peace and goodwill to all men etc.
  16. Got a wave off an Acadiane driver yesterday. A proper classic, I was only in my Xantia.
  17. I don't find Windows operating systems attractive, they're just confusing. [/partridge]
  18. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303783307966 NB: For some reason this appeared when I searched 'Peugeot 306'.
  19. Genuine question, why does it matter? You get the same news in HD. More generally, why is HD a thing for most programmes? Films I understand, but news? The Simpsons? Sport? Soap operas? Why does this stuff need to be viewed in HD?
  20. Went onto town earlier. Stopped beside a space, into reverse, car behind pulled up close behind me. I started reversing, was of it wasn't what clear enough what I was doing. Car beeped, but reluctantly moved. When I got out, the cars window went down and there were two uniformed police in it. 'Didn't you look before you reverse?' 'Yes, you were stationary.' 'You got that close to my bumper' By now I'm fucking seething inside. This berk wasn't paying attention and got too close to me. 'Why are you driving around in an untaxed car? It's not insured either' 'It's taxed and insured' Cue conversation about who I'm insured with (I don't know) and how I pay for tax (also don't know offhand). 'You're not helping much.' (I'm not doing anything wrong, you jobsworth bellend) His colleague then says he'll check 'the other one', as he's doing so I check .gov website on my phone-car shows as taxed. Colleague then confirms his double checking had revealed that the car is in fact both taxed and insured. 'Some times it takes a while to update'. Fucking double check before making accusations then. TL:DR chinless little prick takes revenge on his school bullies by treating me like a criminal for five minutes
  21. Give it time, it might end up there one day.
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