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  1. There is a definite correlation between cheap-ass tyres and knackered alloys...
  2. The pic is a few months old, the Jaguars are now replaced with light blue "Rothmans Racing" script. Not the actual logo or correct font, just B&Q stickers...
  3. It's a fine line between brave and foolish [emoji6]
  4. That look like it was bought off the Freeman's catalogue
  5. Giffer owned (quelle surprise). Rolled in honey and driven through Halfords
  6. ...On the M27/ M3 this morning. T reg Granada hearse with an Autoshite sticker in the rear window?
  7. Something something JDM something Suzuki something DriftYO
  8. Camber Dock, by The Bridge pub. My old apartment used to overlook it. Are you local?
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