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  1. I stopped listening to my own advice years ago [emoji6]
  2. I think I also papped the GS a few years ago. Great pics DD [emoji4]
  3. Ms_Chegg's finding exactly the same. Even if you get an initial response, the employer seems perfectly at liberty to just "ghost" at any point in the process.
  4. After over 12 years on here, having contributed to saving cars, repatriating cars and even repatriating a fellow 'shiter, I've just used the Ignore button for the first time. That makes me sad as for many years I never even realised there was one, such was the level of friendliness and respect this place once had.
  5. I remember losing a 12mm socket which dropped into the undertray of my Alfa 159. Little did I know it had wedged itself between the undertray and the sump. I only found out when I lightly kissed the undertray on a speed hump which drove the bolt clean through the sump...oil everywhere [emoji849]
  6. I didn't read the post, just saw the seating plan at the bottom and thought "fuck me that's a big aeroplane"
  7. Did it have Bak-Ones on the rear wheels?
  8. I'll be there, I can see Portsdown hill from my place [emoji846]
  9. Been done, well worth a read (spoiler, he does the trip in a Ledbury Maestro).
  10. This is how you do it properly.
  11. This place just jumped the shark.
  12. Yesterday's future today (in St Albans)
  13. "That must have been horrif...BLOODY HELL, A CORTINA..." BBC News - Southampton shooting leaves man injured during confrontation https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-50878712
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