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  1. Brussels, pissed as a pudden...happy days
  2. Did someone say Mustang?
  3. I have my video call mug...it gets noticed occasionally.
  4. Fitting a new rad isn't exactly brain surgery, but what damage will have been done by reversing the polarity? It seems a terrible shame...
  5. Mods, please move this to the non-car bit...I iz stupid.
  6. I met the gf's brother for the first time last night...Nice guy but, as it turns out, somewhat of a militant vegan who spent half the dinner telling me why my choice of food (basically chicken and cous cous) would kill me and why I wouldn't eat meat if I'd ever set foot on a factory farm. I've nothing against vegans or anyone who chooses to follow their own path, but Steve is the type who will visit busy town centres with a banner and try to convert people going about their own business. In an effort to change the subject I went for the old male standby of "what do you drive", and it turns out he's a bit of a closet 'shiter. After the main course we head out to the car park to look at his immaculate black LWB X308 Sovereign complete with personal plate with "Love animals, don't eat them" message along the bottom...And, yes, full leather interior [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  7. Finishing early, meeting up with the gf for a few drinks and booking an unplanned holiday [emoji4]
  8. Did my self assessment tax return today and I owe the grand sum of £57. This is the first time it's not been in the hundreds or even thousands. I swear HMRC are getting the hang of it.
  9. Owned and loved by a local old lady
  10. Impian with LPG...why, just why? When was the last time you saw one?
  11. Triiiiiiiiiiiii-oh, for those of us old enough to remember the advert (and the biscuit)
  12. Same for me. Not being able to use Tapatalk is a pain in the arse
  13. Oh the irony, moaning on social media about moaning on social media [emoji849]
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