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  1. Giffer owned (quelle surprise). Rolled in honey and driven through Halfords
  2. ...On the M27/ M3 this morning. T reg Granada hearse with an Autoshite sticker in the rear window?
  3. Something something JDM something Suzuki something DriftYO
  4. Camber Dock, by The Bridge pub. My old apartment used to overlook it. Are you local?
  5. Easily done in Portsmouth...
  6. Portsmouth/ Southsea perchance?
  7. Of course we all have our own individual tastes, but I do believe in "your car, your choice".
  8. Is there no function on the app/ website to download and print a pdf version? - I was having the same issue but my solicitor confirmed a pdf was OK as ID.
  9. I wonder how many of these hated cars will be fawned over by the 'shiters of 2040? I've always thought dissing other people's choice of car was a bit against the spirit of Autoshite.
  10. Spotted earlier today. Brown with beige interior [emoji173]
  11. It's only Ireland's notoriously dry climate that allows these gems to survive.
  12. Sorry to hear that Wuv...tough times.
  13. Because 155/75 x 13's wouldn't fit on the rims [emoji23]
  14. Money is always relative. If you're on the bread line £350 a month is an awful lot of money whatever it's spent on, whereas if you're a higher earner £350 a month can be spunked away without any material effect on your life.
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