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  1. Apparently when you click the button on the remote on an L405 it says 'I can only show you the door'.
  2. It's already £2,500 per tyre, how much do you earn a month??? 🤣 Maybe the police should start incentivising grassing on these people, like they did with drink drivers.
  3. Worst thing they've ever done. The cheese doesn't melt!
  4. You can tell it's Prince's street because he's left one of his tiny microphones behind.
  5. So is their dad, so that sort of cancels it out. That just keeps on giving. Are those additional indicators cable tied into the grill, or marker lights? Where did he find those anachronistic marker lights under the front bumper? Why are there blue lights on the rear bumper? Why are those England stickers always applied symmetrically? 'Paul' 🤣
  6. 'Was going to use it as a retro ride but ain't got time to use as too busy being an adult lol' Seller hasn't done a single days adulting in his life, too busy being a wanker.
  7. I once viewed a Saab 9-3 being sold by a home trader. His wife called during the test drive 'I don't think he's really interested, seems like a timewaster'. Just before taking the call he'd been telling me how there's no point servicing a car that old (probably about 15 years old then), just run it into the ground, and I think I must have pulled a face. Suffice to say, etc etc
  8. Cars with names. It's a thing, not a person, and it already has a name. Referring to your car as Archibald doesn't suddenly imbue it with a personality; it was dull as fuck before you named it, and it still is. If it is interesting, people who will realise it's interesting will recognise that from the model designation, 'Gertie' means nothing to them. I realise I'm not the first person to complain about this, but people are still doing this. Car namers, please stop being such fucking dicks.
  9. When doing his customary end-swoosh DW says 'I'm always going to finish on the rear wipers from now on'. I didn't realise he liked windscreen wipers that much, and that's an image I really would like to forget.
  10. We Buy Any Cat or Cat Take Back weren't interested then?
  11. Project Binky's clutch pedal linkage. Amazing. I have intentionally not posted a picture, so as to not spoil it for those that haven't seen it. Suffice to say, it's worth watching the entire 45 minute video just to see the few seconds of fabricated multi-levery goodness.
  12. Whilst the driver of the Fiesta does look like a little twat, that was entirely the fault of the driver of the white Mondeo who turned across his path; how did he not see him?
  13. The downforce from that open bootlid massive spoiler must have caused the front end to rear-up, enabling the car to mount the armaco undamaged.
  14. That is lovely. However, previous advisories for corrosion near rear seat belt mounts, but no pictures showing the rear arches/door shuts. Very tempted though, and it's only ten miles away from me.
  15. Just been out to see The Matrix (the first one); so good on the big screen, I didn't see it at the cinema when it came out. Masters Jr (though obviously being grumpy and protesting about being dragged along beforehand) thoroughly enjoyed it too.
  16. I used to work in a supermarket, and this was on the safety instructions on one of the trolleys we used to bring stock out on. I spent the first five minutes of every shift finding this trolley. p
  17. The car should have used the slip road properly, but what a stubborn cunt that lorry driver must be. Causing an accident to prove a point? Bellend. However, the real villain here is whoever made it into a Tiktok video and added that awful music.
  18. I didn't know that, I thought it only got the 3.8 Essex. That's spoiled the joke 😕
  19. I didn't realise the Mustang had ever been sold with the 2.9 V6.
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