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  1. Wow, didn't think this would ever sell out, Can you put the ticket I requested in my housemates name now in my name please? He's just bought a ridiculous little sporty thing and doesn't fancy having another but he's fine with me potentially winning obviously.
  2. Just saw this on my f'book posted last night, now for sale for £250. It's on a closed group but I can add people to it if they send me a request.
  3. Good to see everyone having a good time and well played on the Poojoo buyage JonhK, you're a brave/bonkers man to say the least. Hopefully one day I'll be able to make it to a SF and actually meet a few more members.
  4. Not had any payment details, have I been missed off?
  5. Yes please, that'll be the weiner now
  6. 8 and 23 for me please if this is still roffling.
  7. 2 batteries? What on earth for? I thought these could run off a couple of triple a's.
  8. I've got an old Peugeot in my kitchen...
  9. I managed to get in in time this month. Cheers guys for all the hard work.
  10. There's an emergency release for the tailgate on e39's behind the toolkit flap, open it up and on the left hand side there's on oval shaped plastic bung, pull it out and give it a yank (fnar) that'll pop the boot. Mine was the same, I just removed the mechanism and gave it a damn good clean, had to do the same for the bonnet as well and the rear opening window. Oh the joys of e39 ownership. What model have you got?
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This, yes, so much, this must happen! I'd pay to see that.
  12. Does Cavcraft even know he had a ticket in this? I've just been through the thread and he hasn't commented in here and iamgroot bought the ticket for him. Could be a nice* surprise for him. Edit. ^^ He knows now. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  13. Good job really as I'm semi permanently skint so shouldn't even think about it but we've got a couple of these at work that have served there time and are now being stripped for parts for the others when necessary, so I could "acquire" parts quite easily.
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