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  1. In the 4 years I've had / known the Rover 25 gti there's been this type of button on the centre console I've seen it, pressed it, it does nothing, I forget about it. Changed the alternator a couple of weeks back and when I removed the belt I saw it had an aircon pump!!! Mentioned it to a mate who's borrowed it in the past and he gave me a can of gas for it today, so I bunged it in and it only bloody works. I seriously don't know how I've never noticed it before or even cared enough to find out what that button was meant to do, but it blows icy cold now, result. Best sort
  2. Rockauto are pretty bloody quick, I ordered an artefmarket cat for my sisters Prius on a Sunday evening and it arrived Thurs morning. Impressive stuff considering the distance involved.
  3. Nice work Dan, I expect it just needs a little bending of a bracket to get it sitting straight. No rush, it looks fine to me. If you haven't got the Missus around to hold the boot up, molegrips clamped onto the strut will do the job.
  4. Saw a space saver for sale on a local selling page last night and she'd only listed the tyre size, I politely pointed out to her that it might be useful for a poential purchaser to mention that it was actually a space saver and to say what car it came off / would fit. She's updated the advert.... ??
  5. It had been a pretty boring Monday until I realised there was a live JB collection. Wahey!! Awesome as always.
  6. Hope that stays in the fold for a bit, I'd like to scratch the mk1 Rav4 itch at some point, especially in 3dr flavour.
  7. Is that a posh name for a pattern that hides the indescribable stains?
  8. Where's your sense of adventure? Only joking, I use a stanley knife myself.
  9. Someone's been buying expensive tat from my former employer.
  10. If anyone is going to the field of classics auction in Evesham this Saturday and wants a preview of the state of some of them, this video just appeared on my youtube. Are either of these guys on here? They certainly love a bit of old chod.
  11. Bought a set years ago for a similar reason, still wonder how I ever did stuff without them.
  12. This needs to be done. Only so I can have a shot in it really. Although, the image of 2 middle aged blokes driving round the countryside in a shonky old Visa ragtop has made me think of all the "Norfolk's answer to Thelma & Louise" memes that would suddenly appear. As you were.
  13. I bought a set of these last year because they were on sale at BandQ £5 iirc and they've done a bloody good job so far.
  14. Ah brilliant, a good old JB collection will make going to work just a little bit easier on a stormy Saturday. Looking forward to the shenaningans and the poo count of course. Chop speed you lunatic.
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