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  1. Where's your sense of adventure? Only joking, I use a stanley knife myself.
  2. Someone's been buying expensive tat from my former employer.
  3. If anyone is going to the field of classics auction in Evesham this Saturday and wants a preview of the state of some of them, this video just appeared on my youtube. Are either of these guys on here? They certainly love a bit of old chod.
  4. Bought a set years ago for a similar reason, still wonder how I ever did stuff without them.
  5. This needs to be done. Only so I can have a shot in it really. Although, the image of 2 middle aged blokes driving round the countryside in a shonky old Visa ragtop has made me think of all the "Norfolk's answer to Thelma & Louise" memes that would suddenly appear. As you were.
  6. I bought a set of these last year because they were on sale at BandQ £5 iirc and they've done a bloody good job so far.
  7. Ah brilliant, a good old JB collection will make going to work just a little bit easier on a stormy Saturday. Looking forward to the shenaningans and the poo count of course. Chop speed you lunatic.
  8. This just appeared on facebook, I'm quite local (but unfortunately skint) so could potentially check it out but at that price I'd say just GiB!! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1034642936915879/
  9. I'm probably not going to make it even though I took the day off for it. Stuff happens.
  10. I've had a key snap in the past and I've bought a car without checking for a key, both occasions were annoying. I don't normally have any trouble with them as I just take them off and throw them in the bin. This time I just forgot my standard ops.
  11. I'm neither of those things either but I have seen it, only because my sister went on it and she did well, won £10k.
  12. Want to know how much I hate these fucking things? Changed a wheel bearing on the Honda last week no problem but somehow I managed to lose the bloody key and not notice until I went to replace an abs sensor yesterday. Cue lots of searching, swearing, stressing etc and finally had to resort to violence to get them off, wasted hours in the process. The real grump is that I always swap these things over for normal nuts immediately after buying a car, so why not this time? Because I'm a bloody idiot.
  13. I've got a snap-on 10mm (I know, A 10mm!!) long reach socket I found under the centre console of a Honda I had last year for a bit. I guess someone was trying to adjust the handbrake cables, it dropped off and they couldn't be bothered to take the whole bloody console out to retrieve it. Thanks.
  14. I could probably do it a bit sooner as I'm heading to Todmorden mid February time, so If it gets to West Norfolk I can grab it from Beep and take it up north if you like. I'm also heading to Whitby either before or after that and to Glasgow in the near future if that's any use to anyone.
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