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  1. Any collection involving early morning ( late night) planes, buses and automobiles is epic. Chodspeed Sir, looking forward to updates. I'm hungry now.
  2. Spot on, it is Lumbutts. I grew up in Todmorden and used to walk those hills quite a bit in my yoof. Was nice to do it under power this time.
  3. Got home yesterday evening after stopping over in my home town for the night. Took the big bugger for a drive over the hills that I used to walk in my youth and then set off for the 200 mile jaunt home. Nothing of any consequence to report, the Exploder drives well and is as comfy as a big old Yank tank should be, although it does feel slightly less powerful than my last one but that might be my memory. There's several little issues for me to sort out (lpg system, air suspension) which is to be expected of a car this age / price etc. I might do a little thread on it if anyone's interested? Obviously I couldn't help doing a couple of lanes when I got nearer home.... Big thanks to @NorthernMonkey for picking me up from the station and being a thoroughly pleasant chap (sorry for nearly running over your foot, he's surprisingly nimble for a big fella ). A+ seller wud buy massive gas guzzler from again.
  4. Yep it's the ex dome lpg exploder now bought from Northern Monkey and heading to Norfolk probably tomorrow as I'm staying the night with an old mate. Will update more when I can.
  5. Ooh, you're gonna kick yourself mate.
  6. Sorry, I do like a Legacy but I've been a bit slack on the for sale pages recently, I only knew about this one because Skattrd knew I liked them and told me.
  7. It's definitely a 4wd.
  8. Passing through Leeds now only an hour until touchdown. New toy nerves are tingling.
  9. How did you guess?? With my land rover heritage, how very dare you. 😂😂
  10. I don't think so, I think they were all Japanese built. Apart from the US ones which were built in Venezuela iirc.
  11. Although I would love an amazon.
  12. Westward bound now. I couldn't go to Peterborough more than once in a day.
  13. York achieved, one more train to go of about 90 minutes and we're there.
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