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  1. That's exactly what they were and very good at it too. I don't think they ever got the reputation they deserved for "being a car" as they were just so forgettable. A mate of mine had the Gti version for a bit too and I'd like to say it was amazing and quick and thrilling but, I can't. It was functional.
  2. Ooh I do like a wafty barge, 3 randoms please
  3. Any clues as to what you're getting?
  4. The heater controls are shite in these as Dan302 said, also the knobs tend to become brittle inside and crumble rendering them useless. They're currently selling for between £10-£20 each on ebay. Similar age Honda knobs sell for about £2 and are exactly the same. Gratuitous pic of the Gti that will be up for sale soonish... *Edited to say, It sounds like your knobs are fine (fnar).
  5. Guess I was wrong, my apologies.
  6. That's exactly what it will do if the resistor is knackered.
  7. The heater in mine started going a while ago, first on setting 1, then 2 and eventually no heat on any setting. Turned out to be the resistor that sits behind the glove box. 5 min job and cheap as chips. You can check to see if it's fubared first by simply removing it and looking to see if any of the ceramic is left or if the wires are still in tact.
  8. I'm going to try and make it, hopefully be able to talk @skattrd into coming along as well.
  9. @wuvvum if you want a hand with a bit of fettling of this old bus give me a shout.
  10. Yes, Me. I won the Renault Safrane off RobT intending on giving it to Skattrd because he likes wafty French things but there was no room at the Inn so I drove it for a few weeks, reroffled it and it was won by Brodders iirc, who then gave it to somebody else, I can't remember who. It was then roffled again a little while later and Skattrd thought it would be hilarious* to buy tickets for me on the off chance I won again and much chortling was had by him when my numbers came up. The now ex Mrs BM grew fond of the old wagon and drove it everywhere for a bit until it overheated quite dramatically, she didn't notice it was getting hot due to the lack of dash lights and I'm afraid to say it got fragged in the end.
  11. In the form of a Venn diagram ftw.
  12. Welcome along. As previously said, Autoshite is what ever you perceive it to be, there's no hard and fast rules round here of any sort really. Just enjoy what you drive and if you don't like what someone else has, well just be thankful it's not yours. Obviously things can go very wrong if you start buying raffle tickets when you're drunk and end up winning a Perodua Nipper that's 250 miles away and you don't fit in the drivers seat. Oh and Focus'es / Foci are rapidly becoming shite, I had one for a bit last year and it was ultimatley forgetable but excellent at being "an car".
  13. Ooh, a mystery car for you and a mystery car for some lucky* roffler. This has to be done!
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