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  1. volvoman


    Sold, to a Volvo enthusiast. Thanks for your interest.
  2. volvoman


    I have an update/sweetener to offer with this deal. Adding a genuine Volvo front strut brace, in with this deal. Getting harder to find/come by, these Volvo 850/V70/S70/C70 strut braces. I didnt get much change out of £100, for this, when i bought it a couple of weeks ago. I took the pic the other night, an you can see that ive just placed the brace in position, its not connected at this point in time.
  3. Cheers, whilst i dont really like a red car...I seem to have ended up with 2 of the buggers lately. The Micras red is good right now, but the Starlets red has got a case of the early "Pinks". If i could choose an ideal K11 colour...I would go for their dark orange(found on the Vibes) or a purple or crazy green one. Ha ha ha...i like your choice of words sir...as in - Albert Bartlet. Youve given me an idea...from this day fourth, cause of her red(slightly pink) exterior, she is no longer a Starlet...but quite clearly...The Harlot! Generally, i loathe it when people humanize their cars FFS. This is the 1st an last time i will use she/her for a feckin car.
  4. Nice one, having no rust on yours. Has your Micra got a sunroof? It would seem that the sunroof K11's suffer the worst rust problems?? My sons R. Reg K11 (51 000 miles) has no sunroof. His also has no rust...his sills/floor, front cross member, bodywork, are all rust free. Also, my Starlet had a small rust patch on passenger side door sill, an had that welded for its last MOT.
  5. Snap...............................well, almost!!!!.................his Starlet is less "specced out" than mine. Linky - https://www.gumtree.com/p/toyota/1996-p-toyota-starlet-1.3-sportif-1-lady-owner-62k-miles-fsh-cambelt-superb-stunning-timewarp-/1338246217 Beware though, "Steve the dealer" uses the word stunning, quit a lot! Looks to be a nice example though. Disclaimer - I have no connection with the seller in any way/shape/form.
  6. volvoman


    Everyone should own/drive/try at least one T5 in there life time...puts a smile on the face, when hitting the gas pedal. Along with the 960, i can just hop in the "cockpit" and get comfortable in an instant...not all the cars ive owned can do this. As Ace Ventura said.........................................................."Like a Glove". Thanks for that.
  7. I still think the 1.3 K11 will lose. Ha ha ha....................I havent come across any car yet, thats too darn fancy pants to not take a ladder
  8. I cant think of many cars anyone has lent me over the years??? I borrowed my brothers early mint 1970's HT Holden Sedan in Auss once, i parked it in a local garage, an halfway getting out the door, some bastard reversed straight into me. My brother was not best pleased with that shit! Came back from Auss in 1987, didnt have any wheels at first, so i used to borrow my brother inlaws brown 2.0 Capri...thrashed that around the kent country lanes a few times, which was a good laugh. Borrowed my Dads old early Honda Prelude Coupe, for a night of...................well, ya know...best leave it there i guess.
  9. I have to agree with the comments made so far...The Starlet is the winner. The Starlet is just a better car all round, feels more solid, well built, everything just works well. Ive been looking at Starlets recently (since i bought this one) and unlike Micras (which are plentiful) Starlets seem rare to find. Glanzas/Turbos are just stupid amounts of money!!!...an i could only find 1 Starlet SR, which was priced at just under £1800. It was a nice white example, with factory bodykit/rear spoiler...but £1800 for it ??? Anyway, this bloody red one, seems to be turning "pinker" by the day, so i reckon i may have to t-cut/polish the bitch soon. A couple of pics.
  10. Micra versus Starlet...fight fight fight...but who would win this fight? This Micra is pretty basic, 1.0 engine, no power steering, keep fit windows, keep fit sunroof, skinny steel wheels/tyres...but only 21 000 miles. The Starlet is a bit more equipped, 1.3 engine, power windows/steering/sunroof, central locking, alloys, clock, rev counter etc...an 75 000 miles. I think the Micra is up against it? this is not really a fair fight...A better equipped Micra, with a 1.3 engine, an all the toys, could be a contender.........................but ultimately, i think the Starlet will win? So, fellow shitters, who do you think wins this fight??
  11. That type of breakfast is sure to increase/excellerate the "poo count". Im fighting off phoning up a local Volvo Estate advertised near me........must not call that number...must not buy that Volvo!!!
  12. volvoman


    Cheers for that. Several more pics.
  13. volvoman


    Several photos showing the "Points to consider" that ive mentioned in my 1st post. Rust patch on wing. Plus slight distortion to side of bumper. 2 small indents to lower doors (drivers side). Wear/Cracking to both front leather seats. Scuff to corner of rear bumper.
  14. volvoman


    Volvo 850 T5 CD Estate, 225+ BHP, 1997, P. Reg, Auto, Low Mileage (159 629 miles). Last of the 850’s, registered 19/3/97. Service History (20 Volvo dealer/specialist service stamps). 5 Factory T5 Columba Alloy wheels (refurbished approx. 3 years ago) but still in excellent condition. 4 matching P7 Pirelli 205 x 50 x 16 tyres (the correct size/fit) with plenty of tread/life in them. Metallic grey, Leather interior, Electric memory power heated driver’s seat, Electric Windows x 4, Roof Rails, Electric Mirrors, Climate Control, Air-Con, Cruise Control, Factory Stereo with Alpine CD in boot. Roof Spoiler. Full Logbook in my name and address. 2 sets of Keys/Fobs. Recent/fresh MOT (May 2020). Higher octane fuel always used. 3 previous owners, the last owner/enthusiast for 15 years. Ive owned this 850 for approx. 18 months, an travelled just 5000 miles in that time. Cambelt changed at 139 238 miles. A new Driveshaft/2 gaiters fitted last year. Classic Insurance, so a fully comp policy costs less than £200 per year. No Pets, a non-smokers car, no tow bar. These 850 T5’s are thin on the ground, look around, there are not many available. This is the CD spec, it’s the next model down from the very desirable 850 T5 R, so it can only really increase in value. Note - Previous owner had this chipped? But I have no written proof/Dyno read-outs/prints to prove this? However…I have owned another 850 T5, also an early C70 T5 GT (240 BHP) but both of those cars did not drive/feel as “aggressive” as this 850 T5!...So, a “Sleeper” with the potential to embarrass well known sports cars/hot hatches! This is not a show car, it does have blemishes/marks, an after all…it is over 22 years old. Study the photo’s, the car is bone dry in the pics, no professional valeting or detailing/polishing here, just a clean/dry car. Insured and taxed, so test drives are welcome. Reluctant sale, no Test Pilots or Joy Riders required. Priced to sell at just £1495. Texts are time consuming, so a phone call/chat is the better option. 07936 027216. I'm in Kent, approx. 20 miles from the Dartford Tunnel, near Maidstone. Points to consider – Drivers side front wing shows signs of a small rust patch (a very common fault with the 850). Slight distortion in side of Bumper (below rust patch on drivers wing). Both front leather seats are worn/cracked, but no rips/holes (driver’s seat being the worst). Previous owner sourced a matching coloured Tailgate (Tailgate is from a V70) It’s a perfect fit, but the high level brake light(top of glass) is the giveaway, that it’s from a V70. 2 small indents in both drivers/passengers lower doors (just below door trim). Rust scab on rear of roof (size of a 10 pence piece). Drivers door card edge has small tears (I think previous owner used to catch the seat belt?). Battery is sluggish, when starting car. Scuff on corner of rear bumper (passenger side). Load cover no longer retracts (another common 850/V70 fault!)
  15. They do seem to have a reputation, with people using words/phrases like - Bomb proof/Low maintenance/Ultra reliable etc. Nice one, Black, an a 2 door version. When i get a chance, i will take some pics of both my Micra an Starlet(side by side). Shit...........................is that an early Honda, next to your Starlet?
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