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  1. Jesus shit...a 7 seater Toyota Camry for less than 600 squid?!!! https://en-gb.facebook.com/marketplace/item/774530023171422/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post
  2. Good luck, bring back the bacon. 2 face masks to go, nice one. This made me laugh, just the tonic too, on an otherwise cold, dreary Sat morning
  3. Yeah, that sort of shit happens to me a lot!!... my last 2 cars i bought were the same too!! Cheers for that. I didnt think many people would remember that Split Enz song, that stuff was pre 1980's!!
  4. Cheers, its starting to look like a top buy. They are great to drive(see Fumblers opinion). Im short in the leg, so a lot of the smaller cars out there, kinda "fit me like a glove". Just depends on your motoring needs, an what you are prepared to put up with. "Scudding about" on short journeys is a breeze, but if you were to take on a long road trip, then your comfort could be compromised. What he said above^^^^^^^...A couple of decades ago, my Granada "Scorpio shape" was rear ended whilst i was stationary!!! the result was a red K11 micra courtesy car. My brotherinlaw needed to get to Yorkshire in a hurry that weekend(im in Kent) so i drove that little Micra flatout, there an back! The Micra behaved well, but hitting freezing fog patches (doing 95mph) on the way back, was a little hairy!!. Thanks about the Starlets, we love em(me an my youngest son). Ive driven our Auto "spares" GLS Starlet(but not in anger) an it seemed to go pretty quick off the lights. The guy i bought the Auto from, said the same thing, he used to beat most "normal cars" off the lights.
  5. Once again, great to catch up on your Micra moments, keep up the good work, an keep putting those miles on it. The low mileage V70 was a bargain too!.........I always used to say(even before i got a Micra) that Micra headlights are probably better than the factory pre 2000 Volvo V70/S70 headlights(which are utter shite) when they start to wear/dull down.
  6. Thanks. Ive just checked the MOT history, an i made a mistake on the mileage per years/usage??!!...its actually done less than 4000 miles, in the last 12 years!!! Probably been tucked away in that garage for most of the time, an only venturing out on occassion. She did say she hardly used it, because it was their 2nd car. Which might account for its condition/appearance
  7. Cheers, the interior/upholstery on these Red inspiration/Ltd edition Micras, are a bit lairy for sure!
  8. Excellent, i will have to check out your Micra threads once more. I havent really been on AS for awhile(apart from this last month) I tend to do other stuff in life throughout Spring/Summer/Autumn, then catch up on Car related stuff in the Winter...Im just a part timer. Good to see you putting some mileage down, these Micras love it.
  9. Ah yes, i remember now, you bought that lovely low mileage silver Micra from a dealer in T/Wells. Whats your mileage now? im sure when you got it, it only had 16 000 miles on it? My Dot has 26 000 miles on it now, i bought it with just 21 000 miles. But for the last year, Ive been using the Starlet, so the Dot has seen no action! Its been Sorned for over a year. The plan will be, fresh MOT, then sell it..................maybe?! Yes, i live in Kent too. years ago, i worked in T/Wells. The young generally dont want 5 doors, they like the 3 door versions.
  10. Cheers for that...Its been a loooooooooonnnnnng time since i owned an Audi. I still have the Dot, but i think i will be selling it in the new year...I put a fresh MOT on the Dot last year, but have done less than 50 miles in it since!!! No, this is not a replacement for the Dot...I kinder bought this for a family member/relative(1st car for her)...but knowing them/her, it will not be good/new enough for their needs!!!
  11. Cheers, im not that keen on this bright/dazzley interior, but its not that bad, after you adjust your eyes to it. Yes, just the 1.0 engine in this one. The notorious crossmember was welded for the MOT back in 2019, an last MOT had no advisories, so i guess its all good. Same elderly owners for the last 12 years, less than 5000 miles in the last 5 years. I didnt plan on buying this, only got tipped off yesterday, it was offered to a friend of mine, but he didnt want it, he knows i like Micras, so he set it up for me. its not quite as good as my Micra Dot, but it aint far off it. Heres a similar face off, from awhile back, but with my Micra Dot 93 Red devil.
  12. The rest of the Micra pics then. 1st pic, Lurking in the garage...2nd Pic, After firing it up, an sitting on driveway idling away(interior shot)...3rd pic, Out on the road, in front of sons Starlet...4th pic, Getting ready for the off...5th pic, At home, having a faceoff(comparing redness) with my Starlet.
  13. Yes sir, you are correct, a K11 Micra...an yeah, i guess there was about £25 squids worth of juice in the tank. Once i posted up those 2 pics, its was easy peasy.
  14. These 2 pics will give the game away, as to what this "christmas collection caper" was all about 😉
  15. Ive had a few Pre 2000 P1 V70's, great cars, but like any other early Volvos, getting thin on the ground now, an most of the good ones are going for strong money. So, we made it safe an sound.....................but the temp gauge went into the red, just as i was nearing home...The cars been left in a snug dry garage( attached to their house front) for a fair few months, so its the 1st time its ventured out for a run. Im thinking stuck/closed thermostate...the electric fan came on(but stayed on for awhile). Top/Bottom rad hoses were hot to touch, but overflow reservoir/Coolant tank was cool. I'll sort out some pics of the event soon, just finishing a late lunch!
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