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  1. That G6 i knocked for, has a fresh MOT on it now...no phone call from the owner, TBF, i didnt expect a call anyway. Ive spotted an old guy driving another early Corolla around, an he lives a mile from me, so its just a matter of time, before i knock on his door. 2 other local Starlets have caught my eye too...so i better brush up on my "Charm". Anyone else had a knocking success(or failure) of late??
  2. I think everyone likes a nice set of wheels, they set a car off just right.
  3. Forgot to mention, back in the 90's we used to see a parked up old Ford Falcon, on the A21, on the way to Hastings, past T/Wells. Also local to me, i used to see (driving around) a bright orange either Falcon/Fairlane or Fairmont 70's sedan. An old friend of mine, owned one of those Holden Utes, the more modern "Maloo" type. In the next street to me, i guy owned a black Monaro, it was a beast, i never saw it move, i kept telling my son i would knock/call for it one day, but then it vanished, never to be seen again. I doubt i could have had enough money to buy it, but i bloody wish i knocked for it now!!!.
  4. Some very cool Aussie cars here, Ive actually been in/driven some of them too! I grew up in Oz, as in Perth W.A. My parents took us there in 1973, so i remember all the old 60's/70's cars. We used to sit at bus stops(as kids) an watch all the cars drive by, an try to name all the models. My older brother, had an EJ Holden sedan, with a 192 engine in it(i think?) he also had a HT Holden Panel Van, decked out like they did in the 70's. My dad had loads of early Fords...my mate was driving at 15, he had a HR Holden, then he bought not one, but 2 Leyland P76's. We had some fun in those Leyland P76's too (he had both white an orange coloured ones) He lost control on a Golf coarse fairway once at 3.00am in the morning, the car spun around a few times,then came to rest hitting a small tree! His older brother was worst than him though, he was following/racing a Corvette one night (he was driving a 2 door Valiant Pacer) bench seat in the front, with my older brother an sister, i was in the back seat with his younger brother. He was pissed up speeding, he smashed the Pacer into the back of a Datsun 200B, missing the Corvette! We were all dicks back then, we didnt know any better. I returned to England when i was 16, but went back out to Auss, twice in the 80's.My 1st car was a bright yellow HG Holden Kingswood Sedan, it had a 186S engine in it, mag wheels, twin chrome ehausts. Then i bought a Gold HQ Holden Station Wagon. A great time in my life, an never will i forget all those cool 70's Aussie cars, that were a big part of my mispent youth.
  5. Ok, well, the title is slightly misleading!...the Starlet is not clean though, and rims were involved some! I picked up 2 sets of Volvo wheels an tyres yesterday, 120 mile round trip...I took the front passenger seat out, an the base of the back seat too! It was a tight fit to get all 8 wheels in, but you gotta have a laugh hey! Im guessing the extra weight of all 8 wheels an tyres was close to 180 kilos?! The little Starlet took it in its stride no problems. Wheels are OEM Volvo Nebulas an Pegasus 18 x 8 Alloys (both types are desirable, in the Volvo world of things). The plan is to use these on my S90, i wasnt sure which wheels to get, so i ended up buying both sets (like ya do). Some pics of the event. A couple of the "Pegs", stashed in the boot of my S90.
  6. I just couldnt get through the whole read...it really was BS all the way. Now this, on the other hand, does look the bollocks...its the slightly stretched S90 Royal Limo'ish stylee beast...........................one day, i will buy one of these beauties for sure. It sports the wooden steering wheel, an it should have a small fridge in the boot (via the ski hatch)...Thank god its a long way from Kent, i might have had to kick its tyres, if it were local to me!! https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202001146162685?postcode=me206qh&year-to=2000&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=distance&radius=1500&make=VOLVO&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&page=4
  7. Fuck...what a long winded bullshit write up. I couldnt read it all, i was losing the will to live. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volvo-960-with-valuable-number-plate/223842922646?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  8. Thats a beauty, an its the 2.3 GLT, so its the one to have. Looks to be sporting the factory Virgo alloys too. I too, would t-cut an polish the arse of this red/pink biatch😀 Ive probably owned 10 of these 240's (since the late 1980's) an i loved em all.........But then, like everyone else, i moved on to the 700/900 series. But, 240's are making silly money now...whats not to like about em. A couple of years ago, i sold a set of these 15inch (made in germany) GLT Virgo alloys, i priced em sensible at £100....................theres a nutter on Ebay, who has a set for £995 FFS??!!! He will never sell em at that price.
  9. Ha Ha Ha.......................of course, those gits were a lot slimmer back then...too many bottles of wine an pork pies...looks like it has took its toll on em...but i bet they are still hungry for a bargain!
  10. All great cars well done. Ive also left notes on windscreens...most of the time, nothing comes of it. But it can lead to good conversations, with like minded/enthusiasts, which is always good.
  11. On the "flip side of the coin"...I had 2 young blokes knock on my door once (approx. 15 years ago) They asked me if my H.reg Honda Legend V6 Coupe was for sale, an also was my Red Ford Fiesta (1980 stylee) V or W. reg i think?!...................I had lost my mojo on both cars, they had sat there for far too long, covered in shit, no MOT, rusting away. I said for a laugh (thinking these young blokes havent got a pot to piss in) give me £300 cash today, an drive both cars away. I thought that was the last i would see of them!!! A couple of hours past, sure enough, they came back, with fresh petrol an a couple of batteries...............................they drove both cars away, an i looked at the £300 cash in my hand, an thought, fuuuuuuuuuck, those guys just bought the bargain of the century...the bloody number plate on the Fiesta was worth more than £300!!! Its "Swings an R/abouts". 😀
  12. Classic, nice one. A great car, an a great story/ending too. I guess my best one to date, involves a Volvo (what else!!!). Some years ago, my son told me about an "orange volvo" full of rubbish, covered in mould etc etc, sitting at the bottom of a driveway. He had spotted it whilst doing his paper round, an it was a 5 minute walk from our house!! I kept driving past said house, but i couldnt see it because the driveway was long, an it was behind a nice Honda Coupe, an in front of that, a Volvo 940 estate. Xmas eve, an i was going that way......................looks towards the house(im driving my C70 T5) an the guy was washing his 940...so after driving past, i though feck it, no time like the present, so i drive back, introduce myself, we have a good chat about Volvos, then i ask about his other Volvo at the bottom of his drive. I still cant really see the car, but as we walk down towards it, my heart starts to thump some. Sure enough, it orange alright................................its only the all singing, all dancing, Saffron V70R AWD for fucks sake!!! After much chat, chin wagging, tyre kicking, haggling, ive bought the car......................what are the bloody chances of finding such a Volvo, right on my doorstep like this, a chance in a lifetime for sure. The car has sat there for 3 years, fuel pump, matrix, an rear prop needed, as well as other stuff too. I remember seeing this very same car for sale (a decade or more ago) 15 miles away, i drove past the bloody thing, but the price was far too rich for me. Got it home, spent 2 to 3 full solid days cleaning it.....................it came up nice too. Should never had sold that car..................................oh well.
  13. As you know, you will never know, unless you ask......you dont ask, you dont get.......................Whats the worst that can happen???...I guess, maybe someone set the dogs on your ass. I knocked for a GLS Starlet late last year (it was red too, it matched my Starlet)...the guy asked his wife to come out and look at both cars next to each other (yes, i had the balls to park in his feckin driveway)...they laughed at both red Starlets next to each other. I asked him to remove all the shit out of his car (politely) charge up the battery, an i would be back in the morning to buy/collect. He even put some petrol in it...I asked him if he wouldnt mind driving the car 4 miles to my house, he said no problems. I had watched that car for about 6 months, it had only moved once on the driveway...It was in a very nice area, hence me having the cheek to park on his driveway. He was only too happy, that someone was able to buy this Starlet (it had no MOT) and make use of it. Each situation is different...it helps if you can "read" people...I tend to get people laughing, put them at ease, crack a few jokes............................then kick em in the nuts over their price.😀
  14. Cheers, yeah, i didnt want to appear too keen, i was just relaxed about it. Im mid 50's, ive been knocking/calling for stuff since the late 1980's. Ive never had any grief off of anyone..............but then, i do come across as polite as fuck. My youngest son is really shy, im hoping to get him to come out of his shell, an just talk to complete strangers, so ive had him join me, on a few knocks, show him the ropes an stuff. This Corolla was parked in front of shops/businesses...the owner was well spoken/had plenty of money..............you have to choose the right situations...Im not gonna knock for anything in a rough as fuck area.................although, i bought a nice antique bookcase off a woman in a rough area...but thats another story I tend to greet people, as they greet me..................people find it hard to show aggression, towards politeness. Ive had people ask about my cars(on my drive in the past)...its just one of those things.
  15. Ordinarily, that would be a good/better option...but dont forget, it wasnt up for sale, its her 8 years/daily driver, so, she probably loves her G6. It will no doubt pass its MOT, an she will carry on driving it.
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