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  1. I think you'll enjoy this, @Ghosty http://www.brixmis.co.uk
  2. My wife had a Galant 5 door, same age as this in a dark green metallic. The level of engineering and attention to detail was head and shoulders above the other Japanese manufacturers at the time, even down to the controls on the air vents. The whole 'balancer shaft' thing sounded like a gimmick but actually made the 2Litre 4 cylinder feel to me at least, as smooth as any 6. A great car replaced by one of the last of the V6s, which turned out to be equally great.
  3. Thought I'd stick this here rather than in the Ebay thread where it might get buried. I remember a time when it seemed every bike courier in London had one of these.
  4. I keep saying this, get yourself a sword mate. Princess Anne had a big, fuck off Scimitar and nobody ever gave her any shit.
  5. I've heard it said that you're no fucker if your Alvis Stalwart isn't powered by a couple of ecologically sound and 'fast as fuck'© waterjets. https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/auction-catalogues/ramco/catalogue-id-ramco-10295/lot-a218576c-3f3a-459c-a32f-ad4700e6727f
  6. You're clearly mistaken, I'm pretty sure I remember Princess Anne completing one of these from a kit.
  7. 1968 Reliant scimitar re-bodied jeep - 78000mls - Horsham - £1,995
  8. 2000 Subaru Justy - 25000mls - Croydon - £300
  9. You may have to trawl through dozens of suppliers but AliExpress will have something. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001159444368.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.2f904abbXPVXC8&algo_pvid=54ef1f3d-ac1b-4372-9312-d7daf8215686&algo_exp_id=54ef1f3d-ac1b-4372-9312-d7daf8215686-9
  10. Make your Stalwart stand out from all of the rest, whilst dispensing with all of the complexities of the drivetrain, with a simple bolt-on modification.
  11. I know some lads in Calais, Rocket Scientists, Engineers and the like, who'd pay good money for a ride on something like this.
  12. 'The Dark Wob' is predicated more towards a ' kinder and gentler' form of posting and opinion.
  13. Eddy, if you like two women having fun together, I've got some cracking stuff on Betamax for you.
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