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  1. If you've got a scrap of common sense or any nous at all about the 'wind potentially changing direction' in this thread, make this the last time you mention Adam. From what I can gather, he's a bloke with a full time job who's gone above and beyond for you and put a lot of time, effort and his own money into this car, only to have his reputation trashed by you on a daily basis with a side offering of a torrent of ingratitude. I'm impressed at the man's level of restraint and maturity in not replying, it runs far ahead and above mine. Stop playing the victim and stop making a bonfire out of goodwill, it's a rare commodity which may just get even rarer.
  2. Bloody silly place to leave a set of Bagpipes.
  3. I can just see you and the lads rocking up on that forecourt, running fast and loose with the pronouns.
  4. Don't get too excited, Warren's an NCO in the Church Army.
  5. Legality is an unwelcome and easily avoided stranger to a dealer who operates in a morality free zone. Hands around necks and rolling around on a forecourt with a roided up no-mark, perhaps may not be the direction he wishes to take the brand.
  6. Disappointed you haven't blamed English Imperialism / Evil Torys yet.
  7. I think you'll enjoy this, @Ghosty http://www.brixmis.co.uk
  8. My wife had a Galant 5 door, same age as this in a dark green metallic. The level of engineering and attention to detail was head and shoulders above the other Japanese manufacturers at the time, even down to the controls on the air vents. The whole 'balancer shaft' thing sounded like a gimmick but actually made the 2Litre 4 cylinder feel to me at least, as smooth as any 6. A great car replaced by one of the last of the V6s, which turned out to be equally great.
  9. Thought I'd stick this here rather than in the Ebay thread where it might get buried. I remember a time when it seemed every bike courier in London had one of these.
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