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  1. Quite blowey in Cambridgeshire. Just the day for an AX.
  2. Yes the mule had the V8. I had one of the 6's and found to engine a bit limited - but it may have been my example. A chronically wasted opportunity. The NZ one looks a beauty. I think the Austin badge was a prestige thing - Austin had to have a big model - of course at that point Austin was still a well regarded marque. Recreating the V8 would be fun. They handled nicely and felt well-made.
  3. "How to Drive Fast on Drugs While Getting Your Wing-Wang Squeezed and Not Spill Your Drink," - is one of the best titles I know - it's a piece by PJ O'Rourke in his book Driving Like Crazy. Certainly a way to cheer up the next A35 owners club rally.
  4. LIke an Imp but more expensive and less space...what could possibly go wrong?
  5. Wow. Is that real? I mean it's not somebody's creation? Wether it is one or the other it is beautifully done. Just what the 3-litre needed. I wonder if it has a better engine - the lump in the original car was pretty gutless - I had one.
  6. That will be quite an undertaking...it's quite a grave problem you may find the gasket has been cremated.
  7. Probably depended on how many carburettors they had in stock.
  8. The BBC probably regard anything north of the Euston Road as 'North London'... Of course their headquarters on Portland Place is technically in North London being North of the Thames. Euston Arch - 1837-1962
  9. Note no improvement to basic brakes.
  10. Indeed it is. It's the original beetleback shape one.
  11. Worth a visit just to see the olde skoole sales site. Lovely vintage sales booth - bet its wonderfully olde worlde inside too.
  12. The hinges will either be mazak or chromed brass. If it is the former it will corrode slightly I think and is also prone to breakage - so proceed with caution - it may account for the stuck pin if there is corrosion.
  13. Not quite so glamorous in close up. Also were Minis really made like this? No wonder they fell to bits after a couple of salty winters. Great guy Issigonis - but really? We had a Mini in the 60's - subframe fell off and my Grandad had a huge row with the garage. 25k...
  14. He's lucky to have got his bike back. Above a certain level of infringement (I have never tested it I drive like Monsieur Hulot) they confiscate and crush. No question. But like I say they run their country differently - I'm a guest I go with the flow and enjoy the cheese.
  15. Weeeell...he did have a bored woman in the car who may not have been his wife.
  16. The roads can be treacherous. Pascal who owned the local historic Citroen specialist near me and was a throughly good chap and experienced driver was killed 3 years ago when his Ferrari clipped the verge on a nearby piece of road coming out of the valley - it flipped and was totally written off - he died at the scene. I bought one of my Visas off him about 15 years ago and often saw him in the local cafe. He used to have some amazing cars in to fix including a 4x4 BX rally car one time. There are roads near me dead straight for about a km through the forest that then immediately drop 50m on a series of tightening corkscrew curves into the valley. It is very easy to get into difficulties on some of these French roads. Pascal's old garage has a special yard full of totalled cars which regularly gets topped up with the latest wreck. Roads deaths are common.
  17. Why do people wash perfectly clean cars at the garage? I'm seriously degunging one of my cars - half an hour with the jet wash - the last 20mins so a guy is waiting to wash his white Merc coupe. Slight road dirt - nothing you would not pick up in 10 mins on road. I swear the car went out dirtier than when he started what with the dirt splashing up whilst he washed it. Well it is Lundin I 'spose.
  18. I live part time in France so I can put this in context: The death rate on the road in France is about X2 the UK. It is a big political hot potato in all the French Departments. Visible and rigerous enforcement of the rules has been the answer - so expect to see lots of it. It's all the politics - and if they get 50 drivers at a speed trap it's seen as 'doing something about it'. It even gets reported in the local paper. There are now a lot of 30 and 20kph zones at black spots - for good reason. The gendarmerie are often based far from home in big police barracks - and are not a particularly happy crew - under pressure and depressed. So...obey the rules, carry all your documents, keep the car OK, be nice - and you will get on fine. Never drink and drive ever. They don't target foreigners - France welcomes millions of Brit visitors each year. They are used to foreigners but remember- it is a foreign country they do things differently there and crime is heavily punished.
  19. Could be muck in the switch. Try some contact cleaner when it's warmer. You also need to put a 'note to self' on the switch reminding you not to use it - so easy to forget and end up with the window stuck miles from home. May just be lack of use. That car was a steal - amazed it hung about long enough for you to decide. Get into the arches and 'de-mud' them and get some wax in temporarily to hold the rust. These can really rust if it takes hold - problem with the original paint formula I think. Enjoy.
  20. The caption is not of course technically correct. It is Princess Elizabeth riding the bike as the picture is from WWII.
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