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  1. I think the first two are Austin-Healey Sprites II? There is no chrome trim...the Sprite was a slightly cheaper version than the MG Midget - £30 in 1961. I think they all came off the same production line. More BMC madness - I think once Leyland took over they axed the Healey connection to save on the licencing of the name. Same with Cooper.
  2. Just seen a nasty car accident on a country lane - Gendarmerie in attendance. These roads are lethal.
  3. Yes I think you are right - there was also a Renault 4. Not really any very old cars raced - just whatever comes to hand I suppose. The stricter Control Technique has definitely driven a lot rusty cars off the road. One of the advantages of being in France without a set agenda is stumbling across these kind of events. Everywhere is very laid -back.
  4. All-in-all a nice event...not exactly a Year in Provence. Sending this using the WiFi at the local out of the way cafe - large post-event crowd enjoying a drink, don't think the place has ever seen so many customers...
  5. And on to the circuit - a tight banked oval crammed with cars - plenty of crashes, rolls, noise and dust...
  6. Cars are strengthened and lightly modded- I've no idea what the rules are - I did not get into conversation with anyone.
  7. There is real excitement here. The view from the pits:
  8. When Madame Cholet has finished ragging her car round French lanes this is what happens. I'll leave it to you to identify the models:
  9. At the stock car racing - spoiler alert extreme cruelty to small French cars follows.
  10. Very hot here - no rain for weeks - sheltering from the sun on the church steps...
  11. All the 2CV I see now are in restored condition - no everyday bangers.
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