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  1. Americana - I would not fancy the fuel bill. SP98 now about 2.20€pl here - fuel cost has made the roads much quieter than I remember from previous trips. Life out here in the countryside is all car-based - no public transport to speak of - so costs must be really impacting locals. Very few UK number plates about as well.
  2. Railway strike? - there has not been a train along here in a long while too. Disused station on former line from Alençon to Condé sur Huisne via Mortagne au Perche. The line is now a 64km 'voie verte' walking, cycle and horseriding path.
  3. Wow its hot here between 38 and 40°. Just put 100€ in the Benz - first time I have topped the 100. 2.11€PL for SP98 at LeClerc's. I'm in the hypermarche - the only cool place round here.
  4. Just bagged The Grail at a local market...
  5. Lots of these about still - they last well. XM virtually gone now.
  6. Lots of these Twingos left. It make sense to keep them on the road given the price of fuel. Overall here old Renaults last well - none of the big cars though. Cinq, Clio and Twingo. A few old Traffics about.
  7. Roadside shrine in the middle of the fields.
  8. Car show 3. This one is very small but has very nice home-made cakes. Very laid-back.
  9. Lots in NW. Just seen a S1 XJ6 at the supermarket and couple of 2CV. Just spotted this beauty.
  10. Took me into Argentan for the work- 'Feu Vert' who did the tyre seem a pretty professional bunch. Finding anything actually open and with tyres was lucky. It's small-town remote out here. Argentan was a key battleground in 1944. Most of the town is 50's.
  11. There we are.. a Revolo has gone on and now I have the spare back in the boot. 70.43€. No idea of the quality - but better than running with no spare.
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