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Deliverance AND collection


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The night was spent in Kinross with several cans of Tennents and various deep fried items from the local chippy.

Today, we move into phase 2 and 3 of the mission. Phase 2 involves reverting to my day job and going to carry out an inspection on one of these…IMG_3259.jpeg.9a60fce66a0e3de19dbcb953a09aa935.jpeg

…but that’s not until later today so we are currently doing touristy things in Arbroath.


The plan then is to head back to @The Moog‘s and pick up my trailer before dropping down to Glasgow and phase 3, a shite collection 🙂


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We had a 1.4 at the garage that spat a bit of it's Sparkplugs electrode and sounded like an angry metal wasp in a bean tin.

Having dumped it in a corner for months and forgot it, the next time we fired it up, it had somehow ejected said electrode and after considerable inspection with the borescope, was passed fit for use.

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This has overheated and apparently seized the engine although it did turn over a bit slowly off the trailer last night.

I bought it as a spares car as I have another white 3 door that needs a front leg, manicat and passenger door among other things but it is quite a reasonable looking thing in its own right so it’s fate is currently undecided pending getting underneath it in the next day or two.

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