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On 20/10/2023 at 23:39, Pieman said:

That's because it's based on a FWD Oldsmobile Toronado chassis, the driver is sat in the long nose and the engine is directly behind him over the front axle, and then it has all the gubbins in that strange rear compartment.  The weight distribution was completely fucked and therefore it was impossible to drive properly.

I don’t think it’s the weight distribution particularly, the weight of the centre section would completely overcome the trivial weight of a kid 5 feet ahead of the front axle.

Perhaps more likely to be that controlling something where the the steering wheels are so far behind you must be a headfuck.  An MX5 is so easy to control and even drift, because your arse is on the rear axle so you get that immediate feedback on what’s happening when it turns.  With the Pink Panther’s car, you get almost no feedback for where the front is going until you’re facing slightly the wrong way.

Also, show cars weren’t always brilliantly engineered for their control systems back then, so they were patchy even for the standards of the time 😳IMG_0780.jpeg.3e0b28ae27a47d1990f060c849694268.jpeg

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2 hours ago, bunglebus said:

Normally Mini based kits look a bit awkward to me but that's not bad. Needs bigger tyres though

Only problem with putting bigger tyres on is teh wheel bearing are pretty much at their limit with that size. 13" Sport Pack equiped Minis get through wheel bearings a lot quicker than 10" or 12" wheeled Minis. Also there now way that Siva will ever looks as good as a Myers Manx


a Mk1 GP (couldn't find a pink one)


or even a Renegade




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