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A car that no one here has owned or driven?


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On 06/05/2023 at 13:12, MJK 24 said:

Audi 90, anyone?



Passenger in one heading back from Madrid after Scally Rally 2006.  We got as far as Jarama before it spread its auto gearbag across the tarmac in spectacular fashion.  The owner - who'd paid a fiver for it not two hours previously - elected to leave it where it died, and we all took a taxi to Barajas airport.  It was painted up like the General Lee, so I imagine it didn't stay there too long.

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On 5/6/2023 at 1:12 PM, MJK 24 said:

Audi 90, anyone?



Yes. One like that in fact, ungrateful git of a car.

Also a B2 90 Quattro in black, B333 FWE when I was 20ish. Much hatred from boy racer contemporaries because it cost pennies to insure on company policy...

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  • 7 months later...

how about a few black cabs? I mean a few people have owned or driven FX4's TX's on here but has anyone owned  or driven its predecessor the FX3?



or its contemporary rivials, anyone driven/owned a Beardmore?


or a Nuffield Oxford? 



or for maximum obscure points, one of the FX4's contemporaries, the Winchester 




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8 minutes ago, Dobloseven said:

Mitsubishi Lancer.Chap down the road has one.60reg.2.0 VW TDI engine.One of those strange things that's a sort of hatchback/MPV/SUV mash up.

Many years ago my significant other had one like this. A 1.5GLX I think. A very sweet car - and well tooled up for the time. 


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