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  1. Again, there are 540i Sports for that money - but all have a sizeable snag list, or missing history, or are gone within less than a day. Having just watched a 535i Auto on eBay go for an end result on auction of 3680 with another 23k on it, and in Titan Silver over Grey leather, I reckon 4495 is pretty achievable. It's another one of those where there's a massive market disparity between 'alright' and 'good' examples.
  2. The ones with the separate indicator bit at the bottom, a la below.
  3. Strong money - £4495 on it - but I think the market knows what they're worth as soon as the arches aren't rotten, as I've managed to receive a couple calls just through the C&C ad today alone. I'd of course do an offer for Autoshiters as usual, but I've got an inkling it won't be hanging around.
  4. It's been a surprisingly busy few weeks, but finally remembered to put something in here. Firstly, as some of you may have seen on another post, my Twingo is a bit rotty. But fear not, as thanks to a handy fabricator friend, it'll likely be all sorted in a few weeks time. In the meantime, I'll show off the photo of it sitting on the new coilovers again, as it makes me quite happy. The Twingo Mk1 Owners club of the UK probably aren't very happy about it, as even the fact it's got the wrong headlights fitted appeared to put some of them into Defcon 1. Additionally, some actual motor trading has been going on. I even got the pleasure the other day of being offered a 'rot free' MX5 that a friend had recently purchased, which was, upon inspection, indeed remarkably rot free. Fair to say I wasn't interested in buying it for the absolute bargain price of double-scrap-money that it'd been offered for. At the other end of the spectrum, a rather nice BMW 535i that I picked up at ACA a couple weeks ago is now up for sale, although I can't pretend I didn't fancy keeping this one for myself just a little bit, as it's a cracking car to drive.
  5. I only do whole cars I'm afraid, and these days seem to end up doing less and less of them!
  6. It's survived remarkably well, this one. There was some scabbing on the sill but a quick go on it with a wire wheel has left me with some shiny metal and no hole, so I'm gonna say that's a win!
  7. Annoyingly I don't think you can retain an original plate, at least as far as I'm aware! Sadly yes, so it doesn't quite fit the bill of being totally shite
  8. I mean, if this isn't a proper bit of Autoshite, I'm not sure what is: Fiesta Finesse with the 1.3 Endura engine, on a massive - wait for it - 22k miles!
  9. At the moment, I've got the Zafira and Tiida available (the Tiida, I still maintain, is the ultimate cheap-motor-not-care-mobile), and a 2008 A3 1.9TDi about to have a cambelt and MOT. Still have the Infiniti G37s awaiting prep, although that's a bit of a pricey one! If he's desperate and just needs something dirt cheap with ticket, my next auction is Tuesday and there'll inevitably be something woeful available there
  10. Those are 7Twenty Style51s in 15x8J running a 195 50 15 tyre - I'm actually really pleased with them, they're nicely made too.
  11. Some good news though - while one Mazda is misbehaving, the other one certainly isn't. Kurt passed another MOT on Tuesday with flying colours, and as a reward is being kept out of storage for the week, to get some kilometres under his belt. Nice sunset to celebrate, too.
  12. It's not bad at all really - definitely a big improvement over the lean-to. I'm just happy to have a very well stocked lube shelf!
  13. I might have slightly forgotten to update this in three bloody weeks, but here we go: I've done the unthinkable and taken a Zafira into stock, which somehow hasn't yet caught fire. Not only that, but we've also invested in a Twin Busch scissor lift, which can be seen here, modelling duties undertaken by the RX-8 (which is looking likely for an early burial at this rate). The scissor ramp certainly makes things a tonne easier, as does the DeWalt impact gun in the picture - never again shall I be beaten by seized bolts - they either come loose, or find themselves turned into a powder.
  14. Said fit Tiida is now available for sale - I'm gonna pull a cheeky one and stick a listing in here as well, seeing as nobody down here seems to have a clue what they are, I don't expect it to be an easy sell. I'll of course pop my usual Autoshite discount on there as well.
  15. Right, I've been back to work this week and have achieved...some stuff. Mondeo has been machine polished and, once some trailing arm bushes have been replaced, will be available with a fresh year of test! Yaris has been cleaned up and is now up for sale in various places with, you guessed it, a fresh MOT as well! And finally, I've been a massive idiot and bought myself another RX-8 for (hopefully) track duties this year. Oh well, I can't be handsome *and* smart... ...or either, for that matter.
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