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the smallest cog?


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I've given up on it. Two series in and it's still at the 'We're just starting out, we're a bit clueless. we need work, will we go bust?' stage. Frankly I was hoping for more.
I'll watch May play with train sets before I watch any more of this shite.

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1 hour ago, Jazoli said:

Its more of a Gas Monkey setup, it's all done purely for TV and the TV show that is the smallest cog, I'm sure Hammond is being paid far more for the show than the outgoings on the 'shop'.

I assume this is the same with Clarksons Farm etc. 

Have seen a bit on YouTube but I'd rather watch something going into a bit more detail tbh

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So he has a repair centre to call his own, a team to fix things when he breaks things and can't be bothered, generates income by selling a series, and just a reminder, you pay tax on profits, not turnover.  What a terrible situation to be in.

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