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Dave takes a brave pill and buys an L322 V8 Range Rover without a warranty


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Mines not shat itself yet.¬† I got the water out the rear view camera and stuck it all back together and now it doesn't work at all though ūü§£.¬† I've bought a Chinese one off eBay to wire in using a guide I found on the Internet, but for the moment actually looking is working fine for parking, especially with working proximity sensors.

I still haven't found another set of 20" wheels to stick my Pirelli tyres on but that said I've not been looking that hard, instead focusing my efforts on rewiring the new unit to suit my needs..  if you think owning a range rover is expensive you should try pricing up industrial wiring, Brit clips and distribution boards, and LED lighting so we can see what we're doing 


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2 minutes ago, N Dentressangle said:

I thought of you today as I was driving out of Stroud towards the M5 on the A419 - early L322, bonnet up by the side of the road. Still there 4 hrs later, bonnet closed, fella sitting in it.

Hope all is working out.

At least it was a nice place to be eh.


To be honest so far so good.  Its got a few bits I need to get to, buy the workshop is taking priority so I can do them in a dry place rather than on my driveway 

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First real issue this morning and I'm sure it'll be the first of many, many issues..  I couldn't figure out how to set the clock.. it needs to be done via the infotainment system.  Took be all of 10 mins to solve.

Oh and the passenger wing mirror doesn't go up on the adjust, I can hear the motor so no doubt something expensive is broken in the mirror itself.

Decided because it's my my car I'm going to stick 22" wheels on it for summer use so bought a set and some hankook tyres, which hurt my wallet. 


Also bought the gearbox and engine oil service kits, some LED low power lights for inside because anything that will help with the electrics is a good idea on these from what I've read, and took the rest of the chrome off and threw it away.  Hateful stuff.

I'm looking at installing a second battery in the back using a durite split charge relay I have already with some thick guage cable that's already in the spares draw at the unit.

Apparently there's a kit you can buy for £110 and from what I can see it's overpriced, uses a cheap relay and can get in the sea, although I do like the way he's done part of his kit so I'll copy that bit, which basically makes the auxiliary battery used for all the stuff the car does when not in use and saves the main one for running the car, which is ideal.

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And I just got a text from the parts department at Melton Mowbray Land Rover saying some stuff I've ordered for suspension bushes has arrived. 

I still don't have electricity in my workshop as the 5 core 10mm for the main feed and my Brit clips didn't show up yet... I'm hoping that'll change by the weekend or I'm working on it in a dark barn with torches and floor jacks and stands 

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