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A tale of two Jaaags…


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Yes folks. 

Following a period of thinning out the fleet and fixing the ones that are left, it’s now time to set off in the middle of the night to collect another folly.

Actually quite looking forward to this one. It has the potential to be a complete money pit but my gut feeling (and having dealt with the seller several times before) is all good.

Still stupidly early though….stay tuned.


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10 minutes ago, grogee said:

May your alternators stay rectified. Sounds like a long-ish trip, and I note you've not mentioned defaecation yet. 

I think it's a 1989 Reliant Scimitar

It’s longish, but not ridiculously so.

It’s not a Scimitar but it does have one or two bits in common, including the royal connection….

As to the other collection thread feature, that was dealt with at Tim Hortons along with breakfast.

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10 minutes ago, hairnet said:

mancunian area?

(it wouldnt be the bradford one lol)

how far south are you going

royal connection 

its an aston martin? :D


I wish. This is definitely (very) low cost, (moderately) high liability.

Currently in Lincoln waiting for this to be rebuilt…


There appears to be only one locksmith in the uk who’s prepared to rebuild these barrels at a sensible cost and luckily, he’s 15 minutes off our planned route for today so it seemed prudent to kill two birds etc etc

Once that’s done, it’s exactly 100 miles to our vehicular pick up.


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27 minutes ago, HMC said:

The z3 (6) / maybe a diesel of some kind (4) and you are getting a 7 series with 12 cylinders - 22 cylinders 

thats my guess anyway

Almost but not quite. 

Collection has occurred…about to commence homeward journey with firm suspension…


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And back home.

A massive thank you to Jamie for flogging this to me for £not much at all, especially considering he failed to mention all the bits in the boot to rebuild the front suspension at some point along with replacements for all the broken bits and the full set of five 20” BBS split rims, all with practically brand new Uniroyal Rainsport5 tyres that in their own right are probably worth more than the asking price.

TL:DR Highly recommended seller 👍👍

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I should also mention the quite frankly ridiculous fuel consumption of this thing.

Claire was driving her C70 D5 sport and we both stuck to 65-70mph all the way back due to the firm suspension on the XJ8.

Now, bearing in mind petrol is a good 15p/litre than diesel, the Volvo averaged 42.4mpg from Cambridge back up to the frozen north and the Jag did 36.5mpg.

If anyone wishes to do the exact maths, crack on but I don’t reckon there’s much in it!

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Back to the workshop today.

Got all the paying stuff out of the way so time to have a look under the new toy.

Brand new 20” Uniroyal Rainsport 5s all round? That’ll do…




Broken fog light? That was in the original ad, although no mention was made of the brand new replacement in the back.

Now for the elephant in the room…the lack of suspension at the front.



That looks ok…

Let’s have a look at the offside.


Ah. Right. That may* be a bit beyond a roadside repair….


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Fucking yessss! What a purchase. Big fan of these jags. I really liked the 3.6 one I had. 

It seems like there are almost no downsides to owning the 4.2 over the 3.0 or the 3.6. more power, minimal drop in mpg. Doesn't even seem like there's much different in the way of maintenance/reliability. 

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I concur.

Bar a little bit of bubbling on the edge of the boot lid underneath the paint and the scratch on the offside rear door/arch, there’s not a mark on it.

Absolutely no rust underneath and the engine and box are as dry as anything.

Well happy with it!


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I never know when to stop.

Replacement shock ready to fit…


And fitted…


Resulting in this…


And also no fault codes or error messages…


Just got to decide which wheels to go with now…can’t make my mind up between the 19” five spokes and the 20” BBS.




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