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Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread

Dick Longbridge

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1 hour ago, egg said:


That is quite a strange unsettling pic.

There's no way all that stuff will fit in the boot.

Are they all on drugs or have they been brainwashed by aliens. The mum is off her face playing songs on an umbrella.

That cat has been on the dope.

I can't identify the car though.


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Good find egg, thanks. From my early years too (am 55).

Ladybird books were brilliant. As were the Observer books.

The mum in the pic is expecting the Revival of Jesus within the next 10 minutes.

If my mum looked like that I'd be quite concerned and would ask her not to attend school-parents'-evening.

From the book 'We're Fucking Going On Holiday Mate'.

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12 minutes ago, meggersdog said:

Might just have been church of england primary schools but I still have my full crown in it's presentation pouch from that day. (there is a half a crown with it now)

A crown was five shillings or 25pence, it's face value in 1977. Many kids in my school spent their crown but not me.

I was only a baby, but I do have a commemorative mug somewhere, bought for me, I think!

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