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Cluffy’s Corrado VR6 - Love/Hate/Love saga...


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Hello all,

A while since an update but the Corrado is in bits again... It was driving ok but still smoking like Dot Cotton.

Being worried about the catalytic converter @grogee and I took it on ourselves to do compression and leak down tests. Low compression all round, wet test showed improvement suggesting rings but even further evidence from the leak down test with 20% loss on three cylinders. You could feel a lot through the dip stick tube 😐

So this is where we are:


Hoping to get the box out before then working on stripping down the engine and getting the block to our helpful precision specialist (same guy who did the head work). He'll then determine if the bores have gone oval or not 😩

Thank God it's not my daily!

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More progress the last couple of days. 

Near side Track rod and lower ball joint off. Driveshafts undone, starter off, gearbox mounts and brackets off and this morning I managed to get the gear box out. Phew!


Next will be clutch and flywheel, followed by power steering lines off and the front lower brace bar. Never had this off in my ownership so I plan on a good tidy up. Then I'll whip the timing covers off, the chains and then the head. I don't want to take cams out this time due to the timing disc being damaged last time I was in there....!

It's going ok but the bloody cold can do one...

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