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Citroen BX 16TRS: For the love of cars


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10 minutes ago, Dick Longbridge said:

I'd clean forgotten about this BX. I thought it was a lifelong keeper?! Sterling work returning it to the road and ensuring its future survival, regardless.

Never intended to be a lifer. My red 16V is, maybe that's the mixup?

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i did it wrong, i watched the watch thingy yesterday and read this today. excellent work there fella,  one of my earliest car memories was my dads purple  mk1 marina, and my grandads neeb mini work van! (parked together as my grandparents lived next door). no pictures exist though at least to my knowledge! 

and yes i still want a mk1 marina and a mini van, 

anyway thanks for a great read and a pretty good video

and of course the excellent work for sophies legacy - my  wr citroen magnet is cool!

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